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One of the more ambitious indie games out there. Windows Fredrik NOD (46)
A game by only two people - who knew what the were doing. Windows Peta Michalek (9)

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iPadSlide to Play (Nov 17, 2011)
Aquaria is a great 2D adventure in the mold of Metroid, perfect for any gamer who loves a hefty dose of exploration with their action.
MacintoshMacLife (Jan 16, 2009)
Stunningly well crafted with a compelling story, beautiful visuals and music, and hours upon hours of action-adventure, Aquaria provides patient gamers with an ocean of depth.
MacintoshAppletell (Jan 29, 2009)
This is by choice, because the gameplay is so simple to learn and so tightly integrated into the overall experience that you’ll often not even realize you’re clicking and dragging. Aquaria—although not perfect—is a well-planned and wonderfully executed game from just two developers who had a solid vision of what they wanted to achieve. And aside from a few questionable choices, they nailed it.
WindowsThe A.V. Club (Jan 20, 2008)
Aquaria isn’t so much a retro adventure as a fresh take on everything that made the old 2D adventures great. Decades-old conventions and puzzle ideas are handled with subtlety, and the bells and whistles are pared to a minimum, making every discovery a surprise. And the game gets a lot of mileage out of such simple tricks as turning off the lights. But the careful pacing sells the experience, forcing you to slow down and enjoy the journey.
iPadMacLife (Nov 30, 2011)
Aquaria feels like a forgotten 16-bit classic in the style of Metroid, albeit with touchscreen controls.
WindowsGame Critics (May 16, 2009)
Aquaria is an extremely high-quality product and a fine example of a genre that hasn't gotten a lot attention in recent years—it's no surprise to me that it took top honors at the 2007 IGF awards. Its charm and style engrossed me from the opening level and never let go, and I received an experience with lots of substance, challenge, and a little heart thrown in for good measure. I can only hope that a console version will be released eventually so its gets the greater exposure that it deserves.
iPad148apps (Nov 09, 2011)
Aquaria is a 2D, sidescrolling game that is heavily based on character development and discovery. Fans of the original game on other platforms are sure to feel right at home with this iPad port.
iPadTouch Arcade (Nov 04, 2011)
But at end of the day, Aquaria is overwhelmingly refreshing. It's one of the handful of games on the App Store that you could call complex while not subsequently pointing out an elaborate and infinitely tweakable RPG sub-menu or sub-system that has a hand in all the on-screen action. Sure, it has a control problem and, yeah, maybe the gating can be nerve-racking at times, but when you're clicking with the game there's nothing quite like the experience Bit Blot is offering here. It's so well-produced and offers such a beautiful and compelling world, that I easily forgive its shortcomings. You probably will, too.
WindowsTotal PC Gaming (Dec 07, 2007)
While discovering all this is highly compelling, Aquaria’s large world bears one slight negative aspect. It’s sometimes possible to miss a small clue and end up doing a lot of backtracking around, completely lost and unable to further the plot. But, hey, that’s what walkthroughs are for, and this is a very minor ripple on the surface of a marvellously deep action/adventure.
WindowsGameZebo (Jan 22, 2008)
With a story as intriguing as its gameplay, Aquaria submerges you in an addictive action-adventure romp through vast underwater worlds in one of the best independent game releases in recent years. It's charming, original, engaging and packed to the gills with entertainment. What's the price of admission? Plan on $30 and a substantial chunk of your time.
MacintoshGames4Mac (2008)

Endlich ist es soweit und Ambrosia hat den heiß ersehnten Port von Bit Blots Aquaria fertiggestellt. Was soll ich sagen? Dieses Spiel ist meines Erachtens ein absolutes Must-Have und weiß mit fesselndem Gameplay, einer riesigen Spielwelt, wunderschönen Grafiken und traumhaften Soundtrack lange Zeit zu begeistern. Wer auf Spiele wie Super Metroid oder Zelda aus alten SNES-Zeiten steht, wer gerne erkundet und sich von einer märchenhaften Welt verzaubern lässt, der sollte schleunigst die 30 Dollar investieren und sich diese Perle gönnen!
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Feb 19, 2008)
Маленький шедевр от независимых разработчиков. За пару лет два человека создали настоящий подводный мир, полный чудес и опасностей. По океану в поисках родных странствует девочка Нажа. От холодных непроглядных глубин до теплых течений, пронизанных солнечных светом, от зарослей анемон до величественных руин заброшенных городов — всюду ждут загадки и приключения. Наделенная даром волшебного пения, Нажа использует несложные чары и принимает разные обличья. Стильная, красочная графика и ненавязчивая музыка бесповоротно затягивают в игру, а продуманный сюжет и изысканные головоломки сделали бы честь многим квестам. Aquaria может показаться слишком длинной или медлительной; такова цена ее настроения — медитативного, в чем-то даже трагичного. На самом деле, волшебники из BitBlot наколдовали лучшую приключенческую аркаду последних лет, достойную наследницу Another World и Ecco the Dolphin.
86 (Feb 03, 2008)

אקווריה מציג חוויה מלאה באופי, חן ואתגרים. האווירה נפלאה והשיוט בעולם הקסום בלתי נשכח. מדובר במשחק מקורי במקום מרוחק, בו הכל חדש ומיוחד. המחסור בכיוון התקדמות ברור עלול ליצור תסכול ולפגוע בהנאה, אך אם תצליחו להתגבר על הבעיה תשארו עם אחד המשחקים המיוחדים ביותר שבהם שיחקתם בשנים האחרונות. מסע החיפוש של נייג'ה הוא למעשה שלכם, כשכל צעד וגילוי מפתיע ומרגש. גם אם לא מדובר במשחק מושלם, הוא עדיין אחד הכותרים הכי מעניינים בנמצא. צללו לתוך המים והתכוננו לשיר את שירת הים!

85 (Mar 06, 2009)
Aquaria est un magnifique ballet aquatique dont la sensibilité et la poésie risquent de vous tirer quelques larmes. Reprenant des mécanismes de jeu issus entre autres de la série des Castlevania, il réussit à se doter d'une personnalité propre grâce à sa jouabilité inventive, son esthétique irrésistible et sa bande-son d'une prodigieuse efficacité, qui vous immerge littéralement dans l'hypnotisante beauté des fonds marins. Oui, les superlatifs sont de sortie, mais peut-il en être autrement face à un jeu de cette trempe ?
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Feb, 2008)
De game neemt je niet altijd bij het handje waardoor je vaak moet zoeken naar hetgeen je moet doen en ook het savegame systeem op vaste punten (rode kristallen) wil wel eens voor frustratie zorgen maar dat zijn slechts kleine minpuntjes die ruimschoots worden gecompenseerd door de unieke en de knappe gameplay. Eén van de betere Indie Games van de laatste jaren!
83 (Nov 16, 2011)
Die iPad-Version von Aquaria kommt genau zum richtigen Zeitpunkt: Bei dem eiskalten Wetter macht es gleich doppelt so viel Spaß, in den hübsch gezeichneten Ruinen herumzustöbern. Der mystische Tauchgang im Metroid-Stil ist nach wie vor ein fesselndes Erlebnis – und für iOS-Verhältnisse ein echtes Umfang-Monster: Im riesigen Höhlensystem gibt es Unmengen an Geheimnissen, Extras und Spezial-Fähigkeiten zu entdecken. Im Laufe des Spiels merkt man allerdings auch, dass das kleine Team nicht die Manpower zur Verfügung hatte, um alle Kämpfe und Rätsel genügend auszubalancieren. Vor allem die nachwachsenden Gegner gingen mir beim Erforschen gehörig auf die Nerven. Außerdem ist die eigentlich gelungene Steuerung für die besonders kniffligen Bosskämpfe zu unpräzise. Trotz solcher Schönheitsfehler haben die Entwickler mit Aquaria ein faszinierendes Action-Adventure mit viel Tiefgang auf die Beine gestellt.
iPadEdge (Nov 16, 2011)
Aquaria doesn’t just submerge Metroid beneath thousands of gallons of seawater. It also subtly alters its tone, trading paranoid claustrophobia for dreamy new-age introspection as it replaces space-hulks and alien planets with underwater caves and sunken cathedrals. At times, it can be a little like spending a long weekend at a slightly annoying spa, but beyond the shimmering necklaces of kelp and the meandering fantasy soundtrack lurks a game of real depth and complexity.
iPadPocket Gamer UK (Nov 08, 2011)
A beautiful underwater adventure - the four-year wait was worth it.
80 (Dec 30, 2010)
The reality is that all througout Aquaria I had the warm fuzzy feeling that I was playing something created by people who really enjoy and understand videogames. All those little special touches are there: secret items, optional bosses, hidden Easter Eggs, coded messages. A level editor tops everything off and lets you create laid-back enemy-free areas for your little cousins who will otherwise tear you apart if you don’t let them play the game. If you’re one of those manly sorts who refuses to touch anything which doesn’t involve killer cyborgs, sports, or killer cyborgs playing sports, you’re probably a lost cause. But for anyone who can look past all the rainbows, I think you’ll find a hidden gem in Aquaria.
MacintoshMacworld (Feb 03, 2009)
The game doesn’t merely pay homage to an earlier genre of gameplay, but embellishes and explores new ways to define it. Aquaria’s vast oceans require hours to explore and even then you’ll likely want to retrace your steps to find the little treasures you missed the first time around. Well-paced and unique, Aquaria is an instant classic.
WindowsUOL Jogos (Dec 28, 2007)
É quase impossível acreditar que "Aquaria" foi desenvolvido por apenas duas pessoas, tamanha a competência de sua mecânica, delicadeza e inspiração de seu visual e primordialidade de suas músicas. É um título que não pode passar despercebido a qualquer entusiasta, principalmente àqueles que admiram jogos em 2D. Sua compra (que pode ser feita através do site oficial do jogo) vale cada centavo gasto, mesmo que o preço (US$30) seja um pouco elevado para um título independente. "Aquaria" é a prova de que precisamos dar mais valor aos jogos "indies" e que nem sempre boas idéias vêm das grandes produtoras.
WindowsKrawall Gaming Network (Jul 15, 2008)
„Aquaria“ bietet zwar nicht übermäßig viel Tiefgang ... hoppla, falsche Redewendung zu diesem Spiel. Noch mal von vorne: „Aquaria“ wartet zwar nicht mit dem dichtesten Gameplay auf, weiß dafür jedoch mit einer stimmigen Spielwelt zu begeistern. Ungeduldige Zocker machen daher am besten einen großen Bogen um den Independenttitel, wer sich hingegen für viel Atmosphäre mit etwas weniger Spiel begeistern kann, sollte sich zumindest einmal die Demo anschauen.
WindowsIGN Australia (Jan 09, 2008)
Aquaria has been available since mid-December (you can download the demo and buy the full game through, so our apologies that this review is coming to you so late. The upshot, however, is that this is probably the perfect time to play it. If you’ve powered through Christmas’s PC heavy hitters and are looking for something a little different, then Aquaria may just fit the bill.
70 (UK) (Dec 18, 2007)
When things come together though, and progress in another area is assured, there's a feeling of great excitement about swimming there and seeing what's waiting for you. Aquaria's certainly prone to leaving you disorientated, some of its puzzles are quite oblique and it's in no hurry to tell you what to do, and its mechanics lack the inventiveness of a game like Zelda, but then the fact it's two friends coding together over the Internet shouldn't be overlooked when taking note of the fact that they come surprisingly close. It's not instantly gratifying, and at USD 30 it's quite expensive for an indie game, but providing you go in knowingly then it has enough character and atmosphere bubbling through it to fill many a dreamy evening.