Aquaria Screenshots

Windows version

Naija's cloud city (introduction sequence)
Main menu
Level editor
Exploring Naija's home waters.
She meets a dark creature.
The game can be saved here.
Entrance to the home cave, with the different song symbols shown.
A lot of tentacles
Items screen with some recipes shown.
Naija can ride these turtles.
Attacking a boss in the energy form.
Cut-scene explaining the background story.
Attacking a difficult enemy while carrying around a rock.
Naija found some treasure: a new costume!
Hit by the ink cloud of an octopus, Naija's world goes black.
The environment is stunning.
Kelp Forest
A tough enemy in Mithalas Cathedral
How am I supposed to bring this one down?
Naija toying with her beast form used to swim through strong currents.
The squid is not impressed.
Breaking the veil.
Naija in her sun form
Fighting a giant crab.