Arabian Nights Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Sinbad's quite a gardener, isn't he?
Title. Look at the background. You call that night?
Looking out over a pool of acid
What's the deal with the old man and his snake?
The Guard's Quarters
"Stop staring at me!"
Spooky Forest
"Oh your poor thing"
Flying through the air
Sinbad, look out! He's gonna blow!
Looking out to sea
You have to give this fella something if you want to escape this ship
Swimming in the ocean
Riding in the mine cart
I found myself in mine shafts before, but not as dangerous as this
This is the demon who abducted the princess
Out of these snowmen, pick the evil one
Statues throwing snowballs

Amiga CD32 version

Introduction animation
Introduction text
The introduction sets up the story.
Title screen
First Level
a puzzler
The Wall is broken
Don't fall off the platform.
Jumping on platforms.
I have the key