Arcade Trivia Quiz Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Choose what file to load
Loading the selected file
Title screen and credits
Round 1
You have £0.80 to start
Choose a card
Your question
You waited too long to answer
You gave the correct answer
You gave the incorrect answer
No win!
Player 1, you are broke. Game over.
This would be the rankings, if there were more than 1 player.

Atari ST version

Loading screen.
Title screen.
Pick a card.
I know this.
Top of the pile.
Time for a cash run.

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Pick a card
The answer is...?
Got a question wrong
The Cash Run

DOS version

Loading screen. (VGA)
Title screen. (VGA)
Pick a card. (VGA)
I know this. (VGA)
Correct answer. (VGA)
Top of the pile. (VGA)
Time for a cash run. (VGA)
Loading screen. (EGA)
Title screen. (EGA)
Pick a card. (EGA)
Correct answer. (EGA)

ZX Spectrum version

This game displays as the game loads
Once the game has loaded the player(s) must select a block of questions. They can select a specific block or just load the next available block
Once chosen the game scans the cassette to look for the selected block
Once the questions are loaded the game's menu screen is displayed. By typing 1,2 or 3 the number of players can changed. £ signs flash on & off around the screen while the player(s) choose
Pressing ENTER brings up the game controller options menu. Keyboard, Sinclair & Kempston. Action keys cannot be redefined. £ signs still flash while the player(s) choose
The game begins
Player 1 must choose a card representing their question category. On the left is a diminishing yellow timer column
Its a film question. The player must press the FIRE button to answer
Once Fire has been pressed the player must then be ready to press the correct action key up/down/left/right to answer
Sometimes, usually in round 1, the player gets a second chance ...
... but the player must still be quick because they cannot afford to fumble with the action keys
Player 3 has got question 1 correct
Player 3 has progressed to the penultimate level and the prize money is now 20p
That's the final question correctly answered
Correctly answering questions at all levels of the pyramid triggers the cash run bons
There are 5 steps in the cash run and player 3 dropped out at the first question
Player 2 has triggered a bonus question
The bonus question has been answered correctly - doesn't he look really smug?
The options are to bank the available cash - £0.30, or to double it.
The cash has been banked. Player 2 now has £0.90 and the prize for answering the next question is back to £0.00