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Back of Box - DOS/Amiga/Atari ST (US release):
    RESTORE THE PLANET. Plastics. Poisons. Nuclear waste. Ozone-destroying gases. Genetic mutations. There was no end to what man did to make Earth uninhabitable. And now man wants to reclaim it.

    Specially trained ecological engineers, called Environment Purifiers (EPs), are being sent to earth to undo centuries of damage. Is it too late? You’re about to find out. Because you are one of our best EPs.

    You’ll enter the earth’s hazardous atmosphere in a plasmic hoversphere. Then begin by destroying radioactive nodes and obelisks. You’ll build land and fly across oceans. Avoiding mutant strains of experimental species, like poisonous Viral Trees and deadly Eco-Eggs. Or watch out for wandering Necromancers and sweeping air purifiers.

    There have been others before you and we may as well tell you the truth: no one has returned alive. But you can do it. Because you have one thing the others didn’t: a love for the Earth.

    • Real 3-D, first-person perspective
    • Real-time, ever-evolving animation
    • Real-life challenges on 9,999 archipegalos

    Contributed by mo  (1405) on Jul 09, 2009.

Back of Box DOS/Amiga/Atari ST (European release):
    Imagine a game without violence, yet as chilling as abandoned places where people have died and never returned. Imagine a 3D world, yet the only forces are those that come from the ground. Imagine the danger of a tormented soul, carried aloft by nothing greater than the wind.

    Archipegalos is a completely new sort of game. It offers 9,999 living landscapes, in 3D, with continuous smooth movement and scanning. It is so extraordinary it defies classification. It is the experience of the metaphysical.

    Archipegalos is conceived and coded by Astral Software.

    Contributed by mo  (1405) on Jul 09, 2009.