Arcus Odyssey Screenshots

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Genesis version

The story told in text
The story told in comics
The story told in animated cut scenes
Title screen
Entering a password for a level
Choosing one of the four character
Starting an Act
Starting the game
Uh... yes, you have a point there
Nice "death" screen...
Found a ring
Nice pink level...
Claustrophobic tower level
This level is full of octopuses (octopi?)
The level looks friendly, but it is not...
Yuck, this level is dirty...

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen and main menu
Intro, that's the evil sorceress Castomira
Princess Leaty is the only one powerful enough to stop Castomira
And so they fight
The character selection screen is slightly different from the MD/SNES versions, for one it's in higher resolution here
Jedda the Swordsman. Afaik, these character specific cutscenes are exclusive to the Sharp X68000 version
Act 1 screen, just like the character selection screen, it runs at higher res (512x512)
First level Shrine Grounds, playing as Jedda
Cutscene for Erin the Warrior-Maiden
Playing as Erin and battling the first boss
Cutscene for Diana the Archer
Talking to the prisoners in Act 2
Cutscene for Bead the Mage
Act 3, playing as Bead
Two player game
The game over screen is also unique to this version

SNES version

Title screen
Japanese Title
Intro: the evil sorceress Castomira
The good princess
The battle of the past
Nice ACT I screen...
Choosing your character class
Animé-style close-up
Starting the game
Fighting some black dudes
Near an ancient statue head
Dungeon entrance
Game over, but at least you can see this sexy girl...
Fighting some scorpions
Fighting nasty red guys
Talking to NPCs