Arcus Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Interesting Wolfteam logo...
Title screen
You punks!! I'm the boss here!!!
Yes, Golden Dragon, sir, whatever you say...
Name yar poison!
A great adventure awaits the hero...
In a village
Status screen
Castle overview
Double-bed room, sir?
The amount of written text here is astounding. You can sit for hours and the guy will still tell you different things
Castle ruins
What a tree, what a tree!
Standard movement menu
Looks creepy...
At that time I remembered I needed a razor...
Fighting a bird in a dungeon

PC-88 version

I didn't realize Wolfteam was Jewish... :)
Title screen
Drama awakens RPG... oh my :)
You are in a quiet village. You crave for asphalt, room service, and jazz bars
The blacksmith looks at you coyly, but says nothing
Getting bored from the whole thing, you nonchalantly open the status menu and scroll through some peculiar hair fashion examples
The innkeeper smokes his pipe and nods without really listening to what you have to say
You see a chicken leg on the plate. Your memories take you to the Saizeriya chain in Shanghai
You consider entering the king's castle. You admire the game's concise English vocabulary
This king is obviously fascinated with Norse mythology
You decide that you are ruined enough to enter these ruins. You laugh long and hard at your own bad joke
This is a tree. What did you think?
You suddenly realize you forgot your swimsuit
You wonder if there is an elevator
You navigate your party through this hostile area. You enjoy the not-so-smooth scrolling
You are attacked by three viciously looking creatures. You hope PETA will forgive your further actions
You patiently explain to the old man that the historical Hollywood movie about Lao Zi won't be made before 2021
You realize that this dungeon needs a better interior decorator
You try to explain that violence can't solve his problems. You quickly realize you'd better shut up and prepare for battle

PC-98 version

"The drama wakes up the RPG!" :)
Starting village
Can I borrow your pipe?
The guys in the bar ramble on and on...
Status screen
Royal castle
This guy looks like someone who failed the audition for the role of Gandalf in "Lord of the Rings"
Lots of useful items! Rope, keys, and the indispensable map and flashlight
Entering a dungeon...
Fighting orcs! You see, I knew I was right ablout Gandalf :)

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Start of the game
Old man tells me that he tends to forget what that thingamajig on the wall is called so he carved in "ROD" to remember
In a dungeon
There I was, taking a nice peaceful stroll through the dungeon, minding my own business... when all of a sudden I'm rudely attacked by some ruffians
After that I ran into this guy
Hobbit (or maybe hobo) is attacked by a pair of orcs