Arena Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen
Title screen
Enter names
Too late

Atari ST version

Title screen
Main menu
Player setup
I missed the start. The referee has his first appearance...
We will get big friends
Yes, I am here, preparing for the Long Jump
Gather up speed for the jump
The screens are flipping, no scrolling here
Wow, I never was recommended to change the game by a game. But of course, only by the same publisher
It's him again. Maybe I should really switch the game
High Jump: you can choose the height before the jump. Gathering speed is like Long Jump
Nice animation at the jump
Damned, that was too late
Outch, my back hurts only from watching
At least no blood is shown here
Gathering speed again
Gaining height pushed by an invisible stick
I guess this time the leg should hurt a lot
If my avatar is dead now at least I avoid the comment of the referee...
No, not dead
I am getting paranoid: I didn't even make the push and he is coming after me
Yes, it was an irregular attempt I must admit
Preparing to throw
A bit early, but at least not irregular
Seeing the javelin from this perspective, this must be a new world record
Well, not really a new world record. But maybe a personal best?
The final of the Hundred meters.
Watching at the score sheet we can assume: I am a looser
First time I have to agree with the referee. I give up now