ArmA III Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Forest gives great cover from enemy fire
This area is not safe, it will be better to order one of our squad mates to watch the horizon
Moving in formation
You can search corpses for ammo, weapons and different gear, although you should not use enemy uniform, especially in multiplayer
Leaning is very useful in an urban area
Tanks and other armoured vehicles are easy target for anti-tank infantry
Civilian vehicles
Interior of “mine-resistant ambush protected” vehicle used by CSAT
View from CSAT's gunship
Average fighting distance is around 400 meters, so it is very important to know how to use your optics
Red rectangle shows targets that were assigned to you by AI team leader
I've just set off charges planted under enemy artillery
Morning fog will not affect length of your sight if you are high enough
Nearly all buildings have interiors
Night vision