In the Delta region of space, the remnants of a long forgotten war remain - far beyond what those in the Terran system were used to. This technology is potentially valuable, but retrieving it from the 8 sectors will involve a lot of blasting and dodging.

Armalyte is a left-to-right horizontally-scrolling shooter and was marketed as the sequel to Delta, even though that one was done by different developers. Extra weapons are gained by shooting crystals and then collecting the resultant pod. Weapons on offer including lasers firing vertically and outwardly, as well as faster weaponry recharging. Weapons upgrades are not lost when dying, but they are taken away at the start of a new level, except for the batteries and the generators that are reduced one level above the initial one, if applicable. There are eight levels and a boss at the end of each one, with smaller bosses in the mid sections. Some parts of the scenery can also be lethal to the ship. The craft is accompanied by a computer-controlled drone with the same capabilities and in the two-player mode it is replaced by a regular ship.

The later PC version is done by a different team but officially approved by the owners of the IP. It has the same gameplay, but updated graphics, animation, music and sound effects.

Contributed by Martin Smith (66858) on Aug 14, 2004. [revised by : Sciere (505959)].