Armed Police Batrider Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
The teams.
Select team.
Let's go.
Blast the big ships.
Destroying cars.
Weapons would of been handy in Frogger.
Power-ups to collect.
Blast the helicopter.
End of round boss.
Keep blasting it.
Round 2.
Flying over a city.
Using a special weapon.
Two big crafts to destroy.
Blast them missiles.
Another boss.
Keep blasting.
Avoid his bullets.
Round 2 clear.
Flying over the sewers.
Another big helicopter.
Avoid that laser.
Big boss to destroy.
Causing it damage.
More cars to destroy.
Trucks carrying power-ups.
Windows to smash.
Approaching a huge plane.
Plane is well defended.
Huge gun appears.
Doesn't look good.
Flying after the boss.
Round 4 clear.
Flying up the highway.
Huge hovercraft to destroy.
Nice day for the beach.
Total chaos
Underground fight
Destroy the robot