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    It's been 20 years since the Earth Government and the Corporations battled for supremacy. Another mysterious entity has entered the picture - snapping up all the available Ravens for intense missions that only their custom-built Armored Core Units can handle. As a Raven, you know there's always another mission waiting for you - does it really matter who hires you? We didn't think so. But just the same, keep your back covered, Raven.

    All-New Engine!
    Every element of gameplay has been redesigned to get you into action - immediately!

    50 All-New Solo Missions!
    New "Wingman" Feature allows you to take an A.I. controlled partner on your solo missions!

    All-New Weapons & Upgrades!
    Every part, piece, weapon, everything has been completely reinvented!

    All-New Graphics & Tighter Gameplay!
    The series has never looked better - and the DUALSHOCK Analog Controller handles the AC's movements like never before!

    All-New 4-Player Mode!
    You and three of your friends can pit your custom-designed AC's against each other in the new Versus Mode!

    All-New Drop Feature!
    Jettison empty weapons from your AC to move faster!

    All this and Dolby Surround sound for incredible sound FX!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69531) on Nov 09, 2003.

FromSoftware Official Website - Armored Core 3:

    Hundreds of years after a great disaster.

    Human civilization on the earth was destroyed and they lost most of population. The remainder left such waste ground and moved to an underground city called "Layerd" built by some countries who pridicted that disaster. This huge underground city was built with the most advanced technology and it was just like Ark for human to survive.

    -Everything was for the revival of human-

    The one had control of the world.

    The one made every decision. People took it for granted and they had no doubt of such state.

    Under the control of the one, people kept creating a promised prosperity. As time went on, some power called "Manufacturers" was born.

    Manufacturers pursued more power and then they went to war against each other. Even the war, however, was ruled by the one. Everything was planned in the world. But now, gradually, confusion is certainly arising.

    There was one exception in this ruled world. It was called "Raven".

    Contributed by Indra is stressed (20710) on Jun 07, 2003.