Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

Title screen / Main menu.
Intro 2
Intro 3
Mission objective
Selecting a character for the mission
Vikki on a bike shooting an enemy jeep
Shooting boxes to find ammo
Finding the scout
Second mission to retrieve a data recorder using a helicopter
Shooting a foot soldier
Firing missiles on the outpost
Got the recorder back but not all went well
Third mission is to defend the Green HQ
And this time you use a tank
Blasting another enemy
Escorting Colonel Grimm to a house in Plasticville...
...and eliminating enemies along the way
Another mission in the snow
Finding an upgrade
Mission stats
Now that's a huge explosion
Finding the building where the operator is
A mission to destroy the enemy buildings
Changing vehicles whenever that's possible
Trying to find the camouflaged enemy tanks
The hovercraft on the sea...
...and on land
Depending on which character you choose you'll get a different vehicle
Game over

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Nice war act.
Main menu
First enemy is dead!
Help buddy.
Greens have trouble
Go to the portal
Blue spy
Enemy's helicopter
First person perspective
Sniper rifle