Army of Darkness: Defense Screenshots

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Android version

Main menu

iPad version

Title / main menu
Intro - Remember shop smart... shop S-Mart!
Intro - The abandoned cabin in the woods
Intro - Ash being pulled into the past
Intro - The book Necronomicon
Intro - Deadite army
Game start
Ash battles the Deadite army
Ash throws The Wrong Book which consumes any enemy close to it
Each wave complete gains coins for upgrades and unlocks other achievements
Unlocked Wall Archers
Unlocked Arrow Volley
Wave 10 purchasing upgrades
Typical iOS rate this game request
The Deadites Win this wave
Push them back to the castle gate while a Wiseman heals Ash from behind far from danger
Ash's health is low but calls Flaming Arrows down on the Deadites
Henry appears to help Ash
Unlocked the Deathcoaster - Ash's 1973 Olds Delta 88
The Deathcoaster kills all in its path
Wave 43 the Deadites Army is growing strong

iPhone version

Intro: before the movies, Ash had a normal life.
Intro: then, by the end of Evil Dead 2, he found himself stranded in the past with a chainsaw in place of his hand.
Intro: Then, he finds himself rallying his medieval jailers in order to prevent the Deadite hordes from obtaining the magical book. That brings us to the present.
Start menu
Loading screen
Tutorial and basic goal of every level
This... is my boomstick!
Unlocking new troops between levels
Winning a wave.
Upgrading Ash between waves.
Warning: swarm of opponents approaching.
If Ash dies, the wave is lost.
There's more than one way to lose a wave.
A powerful hero makes his first appearance for free... all subsequent times, though, you'll have to pay for.
Ash's souped-up Oldsmobile chops through Deadites like a hot knife through butter.
Hurling Deadite invaders into The Pit.
Selecting which special attacks Ash will use before a wave -- and previewing the kinds of opponents he'll be up against.
Selecting which troop types Ash will have access to before a wave.
Options screen, after the game has been completed.
The endless wave is just that, played for high score.