Art of Fighting 2 Screenshots

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Arcade version

Title screen
Takuma's little problem
Damsel in distress
Character select
Before fight
Special power
Retaliation power
Hadu... wrong game
Special moves are pretty effective
Flame kick
Lee with claws
Kick in stomach
Head attack
Kick in balls
Power loading
Strong kick
Ground fire
King lost wears
Winners speech
Throw in walls
Family ties
Spinning jump
Attack from above

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Main menu, with the characters in background.
Before fight, you can learn (or revise) some commands in a brief tutorial.
Character select screen: pick your favorite and go battle!
Fighter selected, choose the next "victim" too: you've many options... ;-D
Before battle, the fighters will take a brief dialogue (relax: this weird combatant is King disguised!).
Ryo Sakazaki uses his Hien Shippu Kyaku against Yuri: a simple "training" between brothers... :-\
Eiji Kisaragi's Kasumi Kiri forces the rich guy Robert to block quickly.
Fighting in the airport: in a certain moment, Yuri Sakazaki launches a Ko'ou Ken into Eiji Kisaragi.

Neo Geo CD version

Title Screen
Character Select
Robert VS. Yuri
Robert VS. Ryo

SNES version

Title screen
You can skip the character introduction...
How rude!
Options menu
Player vs. computer: player select
Fighters always talk before they get down to business
What a punch!
Team select
You are defeated
That was a heavy blow, and another one will follow from the air
Getting ready
Oh yeah? And you fight like a cow!
Tenjin is about to cast a spell
John vs. Eiji battle: nice background!
Micky's arena is near a boxing ring
One year ago: some story information

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  • Art of Fighting 2 Screenshot
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