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Art of Fighting

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 4 3.0
Genesis 9 3.0
Neo Geo 7 4.0
Neo Geo CD 5 4.3
PlayStation 3 3 4.7
SNES 9 3.5
TurboGrafx CD 4 4.7
Wii 5 3.4
Combined MobyScore 46 3.7

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Neo GeoHobby Consolas
Una vez que experimentes la sensación de jugar con él, cascos en ristre y joystick en mano, nada podrá separarte de este nuevo clásico de lucha, al que sólo la fiebre clónica le impide sobrepasar la barrera del «Street Fighter 2».
Neo Geo1UP!
Aussi mince soit sa durée de vie, la symbiose de ce graphisme, non pas photoréaliste mais super réaliste, avec d'autres éléments originaux tels que la musique, atypique, et des bruitages exagérément violents, confère à Art of Fighting une sorte d'immunité. Le niveau de la rue par exemple est vraiment sublime, ce n'est pas un décor grandiose comme dans d'autres productions SNK, c'est juste une arrière-cour sordide avec une allée centrale innondée par une lumière de couleur rouille, mais c'est tellement bien exécuté, tellement artistiquement reproduit que cela pourrait être le cliché d'un grand photographe. Ce jeu parvient à nous impressionner et pourvu que ce sentiment d'admiration se manifeste dans le joueur, la fascination qu'exerce Art of Fighting durera aussi longtemps que le sentiment lui-même existe, bien au-delà de sa durée de vie réelle.
SNESPower Unlimited
Karateheld Ryo gaat op pad om zijn zus Yuri uit de handen van Mr. Big te bevrijden. Waanzinnig goed vechtspel met talloze special moves en de mogelijkheid de spirituele kracht van je tegenstanders te verminderen met pesterijen.
SNESNintendo Magazine System UK
To make room for the zooming function and the huge sprites, a lot of detail has been taken out of the backgrounds, and the music, once echoing and smart, is now a bit weedy, but the playability is all there. If you're bored of Turbo and Kombat, Art of Fighting is the next place you should be looking for punching thrills.
GenesisSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA)
En conclusion, si vous aimez les jeux de combat, Art of Fighting MegaDrive reste une valeur sûre surtout si vous avez une manette arcade. À noter que la version testée ici est l'édition japonaise qui dispose de mode de difficulté (allant de very easy à very hard) et de continues sélectionables. Les versions US et EURO sont apparemment beaucoup plus difficiles (voir impossibles selon beaucoup).
SNESGamePro (US)
Art of Fighting is the latest Neo Geo arcade classic to make the jump to the SNES. Although not as deep or strategy-intensive as Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat, this fighting game is pugilistic poetry if you get the moves down and the timing right.
Neo GeoPower Play
Die super-schnelle, abwechslungsreiche Grafik und der phänomenale Zoomeffekt werden selbst dem verwöhnten Neo-Geo-Besitzer noch ein anerkennendes Staunen entlocken. Die finanzkräftigen High-End-Prügelfans dürfen Art of Fighting auf den Weihnachtswunschzettel setzen.
GenesisVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Fans of fighting games should know all about this title already. A decent 16-meg conversion, the Genesis Art of Fighting is tough and it has a story behind it. Only you can make the difference and find Yuri before it's too late. She need your help now, so let's move it!
GenesisMega Fun
Schade, no zooming! Davon abgesehen hat Sega meiner Meinung nach eine saubere Konvertierung vorgelegt: Die Animation stimmt, der Hintergrund ist nahe am Vorbild und Moves und Gegner wurden übernommen. Gegen K. Amusements SN- sieht das Mega-Art Of Fighting jedoch kein Land, zumindest auf dem Blendwerksektor. Die Steuerung ist präzise und sensibel, wohingegen die Spielbarkeit manchmal etwas unter der leicht ungenauen Kollisionsabfrage leidet, sprich das Treffen und Getroffenwerden scheint teilweise nicht mit rechten Dingen zuzugehen. MD-Besitzer mit einem Hang zu NG-Software sollten zugreifen.
Neo GeoThe Video Game Critic
The graphics are the highlight of this game, with smoothly animated characters and elegant backgrounds, including a dimly lit bar and some beautiful city skylines. The main problem with Art of Fighting is the difficulty in executing special moves, some of which are listed in the manual. I even had a hard time getting one-quarter "fireball" motions to register. There's a "spirit gauge" under your health meter that lets you execute "super" attacks, but only advanced players will find it useful. Art of Fighting is pretty barebones compared to most modern fighters, but it looks great, and there's charm in its simplicity.
GenesisElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
One of the key features of the Neo Geo version of this fighting game was the scaling in and out during combat. That effect isn't in this version (I didn't notice it was gone until it was pointed out to me), but otherwise this is identical to the arcade (even the cinemas between fights are kept in). Most of the moves are easy enough to execute and there are some nice options like being able to fight five rounds instead of the standard three. In the Versus Modes, some fighters have an unfair advantage (like karate), but overall, this is an earnest conversion.
SNESSuper Play Magazine UK
It's in two-player mode that the good old console punch-up really comes into its own, but Art Of Fighting disappoints once more. It's dull, unbalanced, occasionally nonsensical, and there are some real problems with the feel of the game. The controls aren't entirely intuitive, and even when you've learnt a couple of special moves they can still seem unpredictable. It's also far too easy to pin an opponent in a corner where they can do nothing but hold down BLOCK and wait for you to give them a break. I have grave doubts about the game's engine, and office playtesting was unusually difficult as nobody could be bothered to play more than a couple of games against each other. Takara has made numerous forays into the field of the beat-'em-up, but this latest venture hasn't greatly improved on any of its previous efforts. Perhaps it's time for a complete rethink? Please?
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Die satten sechzehn Megabitchen hätte Takara wirklich besser nutzen können. Statt dessen wurde die Chips einfach bis obenhin mit Grafik und Sound vollgepumpt und das Gameplay darüber vernachlässigt. Das Fazit: Holt Euch lieber “Street Fighter II – Turbo“ oder notfalls auch „Mortal Kombat“.
Overall, this port is a disappointment. It isn't polished, it controls weakly, and it comes off as pretty mediocre, especially when compared to other SNK games on the Genesis like Samurai Shodown or even the earlier first installment of Fatal Fury, which at least had three characters to choose from in single-player mode that even handled differently. If you want to get a taste of some decent SNK fighting action, try those instead, but avoid Art of Fighting. Sega pretty much dropped the ball and screwed up this port. I myself might not be much of an artist or particularly good at fighting games, but I know what I like, and this one I don't.
SNESAll Game Guide
The music is big and loud, but gets repetitive after extended play, and the sound effects, especially the voices, seem somewhat muffled. The graphics are probably the best part of this game, showing off nicely shaded characters and an overall look comparable to some of the best fighting games out there. If getting a Neo-Geo is cost-prohibitive, and you simply must have a copy of Art of Fighting, you shouldn't be too disappointed with this version of the game.
GenesisGamePro (US)
There's nothing new in AOF, placing this title in the doldrums alongside other lackluster fighting games. You've either seen it, done it, or not cared about it a million times before and the same can be said about this sojourn through South Town.
GenesisAll Game Guide
The biggest problem is small delays when performing moves, so they are not nearly as fast to pull off as Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition or Eternal Champions on the Genesis. Learning to adjust significantly takes away from the game's enjoyment. Another big disappointment is you can't play as any of the other characters in the one-player mode, making this game only replayable with a friend. Overall, Art of Fighting is a reasonable conversion of a rather ordinary arcade game.
Neo GeoDigital Press - Classic Video Games
Art of Fighting 1 is, despite it's many flaws, still an enjoyable and decent game. If you can overlook the lack of playable characters during story mode, you'll have hours of fun with this game !
Neo GeoDefunct Games
This game is a mess. It's one player mode is not worth playing, as it has a simple story mode, that really isn't interesting at all. In fact, it really reminds me of a more mature version of the Fatal Fury story. It's a mafia story, and it's like all other mafia stories. The two player mode at least lets you play as eight people, but again, none of the characters have more than three moves, and most of the technique is taken up with snazzy camera effects. Not at all fun to play. It's really hard to recommend this game to anybody except for people that must own all fighting games. It's comparable to Rise of the Robots.
WiiNintendo Life
Art of Fighting attracted lots of attention when it was first released thanks largely to the visuals. Although it still looks great, the gameplay is far too limited to make it worth playing these days, regardless of the innovative features. Our advice is to avoid this rather average fighter and concentrate on Samurai Showdown or Street Fighter 2 – they’re far more worthy of your time and money.
WiiThe Virtual Console Archive
Art of Fighting attracted lots of attention when it was first released thanks largely to the visuals. Although it still looks great, the gameplay is far too limited to make it worth playing these days, regardless of the innovative features. Our advice is to avoid this rather average fighter and concentrate on Samurai Showdown or Street Fighter 2 – they’re far more worthy of your time and money.
Ach ja, da war noch was: SNES-Konvertierung gab´s auch. Hatte kleinere Sprites mit immerhin dreistufigem Zoom (weswegen diese Version nicht einmal den Hingucker-Bonus des NG hatte), spielte sich genauso übel, ebenfalls 3 Punkte. Wobei... ich geb´s ja zu, auf´m SNES hatte ich AoF richtig viel gespielt. Lag aber eigentlich nur daran, dass es damals zeitweise noch nicht soooo viel Auswahl an Prüglern gab, wie es meiner damaligen Sucht nach diesen Dingern genüge getan hätte. Ändert aber auch nix an der nicht vorhandenen Qualität.
Das war´s dann auch schon. Wie gesagt - AoF mochte damals zwar durchaus ein Hit gewesen sein, und einige Zocker mögen einzig wegen diesem Spiel Hunderte von Deutschmarks in ein Neo Geo plus Software investiert haben... aber letztendlich isses Mist, der (auf den allerersten , und wirklich nur auf den allerersten Blick) gigantischen Optik und den guten Ideen zum Trotz. Bleibt für mich noch 3 Punkte zu geben - AoF war halt nun mal einer der ersten Beat´em up-Versuche SNK´s, und wenn man bedenkt für welch großartige Spiele (Garou, Samurai Shodown, Last Blade) das der erste Versuch war, dann sei es ihnen verziehen.