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Arcade version

Title screen
Bye, bye!
Hello! I'm here!
Throw Todo
Fight won
Next stage
Jack kicks in face
Ryo give good answer
Like in wrestling
Fight lost - Jack was stronger
Crushed balls
Yeah, right. Just tell me truth.
Bonus game
Levitate :D - against Lee
Spinning jump
I lost - life bar is empty
Ha ha ha ha
It's not funny!
Flawless victory
King is happy

Genesis version

Sega reprogrammed this. Too bad it's really really awful...
Not what you'd call a dysfunctional family.
Look, it's Steven Seagal! Oh, no it's not...
You can use the three or six button controllers with this game.
In story mode, you can only choose from either Ryo or Robert.
The graphics are very different from the SNES and arcade versions.
But the moves are basically the same.
Japan Title screen

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Intro 1
Intro 2
Intro 3
Intro 4
King VS. Todo
Ryo VS. Jack
Lee VS. Micky
John VS. Ryo
Jack VS. Lee
Todo VS. Micky
Robert VS. Todo 1
Robert VS. Todo 2
Ryo launches his Ko'ou Ken in Todo, forcing him to assume an defensive position.
Robert VS. Todo 3
Robert VS. Jack Pre-Fight Screen
Robert VS. Jack Post-Fight Victory Screen
Robert VS. Mr. Karate 1
Robert VS. Mr. Karate 2
Robert and his car
Ryo and his motorcycle
Bonus Game Select Screen
Ryo VS. Mr. Big 1
Ryo VS. Mr. Big 2
Ryo VS. Mr. Big Post-Fight "You Lost"
Ryo VS. Jack Post-Fight "You Lost"
Ryo VS. Jack Post-Fight Failure Screen
King defeated. Notice King's pink bra?
Ryo VS. King Post-Fight Victory Screen

SNES version

Japanese title screen.
The game's title screen.
All is not well in the Sakazaki household...
Ryo Sakazaki. He's single, girls!
Robert Garcia. Rich boy, and single too!
The Options mode. Note the extra Stereo mode. Use this and the game will have surround sound!
The Versus mode. You can use everyone, even the bosses!
Story mode. You can only use Robert and Ryo.
TELL HIM, TODOH! [Yes, he's in Capcom Vs. SNK 2!]
And finish with an uppercut. Inflicts anywhere from 50 to 70% of damage!
D'oh! You lose.
Everyone must charge their Spirit meter [second bar] to be able to perform special moves.
Flexibility at its best.
So we beat you up for nothing?!
South Town, ten years before Fatal Fury.
Chewing bubble gum won't help you get respected, Jack...
Just 'cause he's big and fat does not mean you can't throw him around!
The Hienshippukyaku's finisher!
Good. So you only hurt old men?
After two fights, you can choose from one of three bonus stages.
In the first, you can raise your Spirit bar so you can perform more special moves.
In the second, you can earn more energy.
And in the third, you can learn the Haohshokoken.
Ryo Sakazaki learns the Haohshokoken!
After you pass the bonus rounds, the game will teach you a new special move! Pictured: Koohken.
So he uses his own version. Copycat!
Bah, here, a Haohshokoken for you!
Here, Robert is teaching King how to do a waltz... or not.
Robert finishing off King. If you beat her with a special move, her shirt will rip off!
Smug rich boy.

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen (Japanese)
The short intro
Wow, the Japanese version allows you to play in English!
Vs. mode. Player select
Funny loading screen in vs. mode :)
Ryo, why do you hit Robert? I thought he was your friend...
The crazy Ryo has beaten his best friend to a bloody pulp... that's why all he deserves is broken English. "Winner player" is almost as good as "You're winner"!
Ryo is waiting for more challenge
Meanwhile, Todo decides to take on jack in his own bar...
Battle of freaks: Mr. Big against Lee
Don't hate us 'cause we're beautiful!
Ouch. The pianist King beats up Micky before he could even wear something proper
The two biggest freaks against each other!
Like one guy in the famous Soviet comedy movie "Diamond Arm" said, "I'll hit you accurately, but powerfully!"
The story mode has a cool loading screen
Robert takes on Todo
Yes! Victory!..
...Otherwise the game would be completed
Short and similarly-looking scenes appear between levels
The map is non-interactive. You are simply taken to the next level
Yeah. Who the f*** wants to know?!..
I deeply admire your ethics
Bonus stage allows you to upgrade your characters through mini-games
Break the bottles...
...or those stones. Or maybe pillows?..
Learning a new move
Yes! Lee is history
Well, we have a piano here, I want to dance, what's wrong with that?..
But... I actually don't care. I just learned "Monk's Dream", did you know the bridge is all C7 chord?..
Robert blushes. He probably likes Micky, but is ashamed to admit

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