Artefakt Przodków (Atari 8-bit)

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Lieutenant Max Graham is sent to the Moon in order to search an old moonbase for a super-starfighter which is an ultimate weapon to prevent an alien invasion.

Artefakt Przodków (The Ancestors' Artifact) is an arcade adventure game. While searching the vast labirynth of the game world and avoiding the ever-present monsters, the player must be looking for items (such as explosives for blowing up a wall) that will allow him to get even deeper into the maze, eventually reaching the goal.

Max Graham is equipped with a jetpack with unlimited fuel. It is used to float. He can carry up to three items at once. His health drops slowly during contact with enemies and he dies and loses a life when it reaches zero. The more rooms are visited, the larger is the "game completion percentage" displayed on the status bar.

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