Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen
The doctor explains how the machine works.
The Matrix anyone? The machine needs a moment to load the memory.
Climbing to the next objective.
A priceless treasure
Running into a village.
The home of the brotherhood
Talking to the master. The strings indicate that you can switch to a different camera position.
Fighting some templars.
One of the many bad guys in the game
Welcome to the year 2012.
Riding a horse on my way to Damascus.
I've finally reached Damascus.
The world map. Climb high towers to reveal more of it.
Blending in with some scholars, to get past the guards unnoticed.
Walking the streets of Damascus. The compass in the corner shows me where I need to go, to complete my missions.
Climbing a tower, to get a better view of the surroundings.
Sword-fight against several opponents
My mission is to interrogate the man I'm following.
Killing a Templar with a counter-attack.
You can hide in haystacks.
Nice view of the city. You can go everywhere, and climb all houses and towers.
The city of Acre is held by the Templars.
Jumping between the roof-tops.
I'm supposed to assassinate the man in the bloody apron.
My target is right behind me. I will use my hidden blade.
Performing the assassination. The doctor is finally killed.
After killing my target, I must try to escape. And that's not an easy task...
After your assassination target is down you will see such a screen in which Altaïr is having a little chat with his nemesis.
Attack from horse
Enemy soldier to kill
Collect flag
Nice view
They chase me.
"Open" world
Knight with armor