Assassin's Creed III Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Title screen
Main menu
At the opera theater.
Use eagle vision to locate your target.
Lockpicking feature lets you open locked doors and chests.
Sailing off to a new world.
There are various games you can play.
Exploring the ship.
Fighting tutorial.
Fighting wild animals is done via quick-time events.
Connor's mother.
Performing the leap of faith.
Listening in on the conversation while blending with the crowd.
Playing with your friends.
When enemy squad is firing at you, use their own as a shield.
When two opponents attack you at the same time, parrying will kick in a fancy takedown of both attackers, dependent on the weapon you wield.
Connor is very skilled with a tomahawk.
You can avoid enemy patrols by using the roofs.
Death from above.
You can send fellow assassins on the missions so they can gather experience.
City map.
Arriving at the port.
You can jump into water from any height, and you don't have to be precise like with the hay stack.
Sword is not the most common weapon in the west, but it is still available if you prefer it.
River can be very dangerous... trying to catch up with the poor lumberjack and save him from drowning.
When you counter enemy attack, you can kill, disarm or throw the enemy.
In charge of rebel defense against the British troops.
In ship battles, timing is everything.
Captain on deck... take on the wheel to start commandeering the ship.
Enemy ship appeared out of nowhere, and there's nowhere to hide.
Use the chain shot to destroy the ship's mast.
Duck in order to minimize the damage from enemy cannonballs.
Assassination from the ledge, as we as many other previous features are still present.
You can perform assassination from any corner, and even whistle to attract the guard's attention.
On a treasure hunt.
Unlike in previous AC games, Connor can use trees to take the higher ground.
Don't forget to check the radar when surrounding blurs your vision.
There are many wild animals you can hunt.
Different animals act differently, elks will attack you if you provoke them.
You can read tracks by analyzing clues to pinpoint the location of an animal or a person of interest.
The Templars are plotting yet again
Desmond is looking for a secret cave
This can only end in one way... his death
Young Connor
Trying to save your mother
Crossing a small brook
Fly like an eagle
QTE during wolf attacks
British troops may have won the battle, but not the war
Approaching the lost forgotten missing ship to plunder its cargo

Windows version

Title screen
Desmond and Co.
Loading Screen
Connor's Trainer: An old man
DX11 Tessellation at work; footprints appear as Connor walks on mud
Connor overlooking at the frontier
Sneaking through a civil battle
With allies preparing for a battle
After killing a Main target; screen glitches
After blowing up few ships, Connor is back at the dock
At New York outskirt
Planning how to approach the redcoats
Building destruction; although not as good as in Battlefield
Mowing down enemies on ship
Classic climbing
with TXAA enabled in PC, the game looks sick
Inside Connor's manor
The menu, accessible in Connor's manor, is for managing supplies, crafting, sending trade caravans etc.
Sea battle
High sea at night
As usual, encyclopedia provides some historical facts
Connor's surreal experience
Optional mission in the northern seas
Optional mission in a seemingly abandoned manor
Davenport estate map
Playing one of gambling games
Ship upgrades menu
Map of the overworld with four major locations available
Boston streets
Boston harbor
Showing off on a horse
Engaged in a fight
Exploring the system of underground tunnels and passages
Weapon select menu
Spotted a deer in the wild
Killed a hare
Eagle vision
Attacking a caravan
Just a windmill on a cliff
Rainy day
A village in winter time
Knee-deep in snow
Multiplayer - main menu
Multiplayer - choose from a number of assassin models
Multiplayer maps are rather small segments of SP maps
Multiplayer -received a target to track down and kill

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