Assassin's Creed: Pirates Screenshots

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iPad version

Intro story of pirate history and legend
Main menu
Devil's Rock
Alonzo the player meets legend captain La Buse
Game start La Buse provides you your first ship
Learning to dodge incoming canon fire
Scorpion Reef
When playing on tablets setting it for tilt allows direction of ship's wheel (outlined white in this mode) by simple tilt of the device
Setting a course on the map
Following La Buse for the promise of a larger ship
Pinch in or out changes your view but keeps the ship's wheel context for any direction changes
Engaged with Gunboats and Schooner preparing to dodge incoming fire
One down one to go - cannon is recharging
Dodging cannon fire
Collecting on La Buse's promise I now have a Schooner
Engaging the Navy vessel Brig
Level up
Using a deck gun to target the enemy ships magazine
Reviewing and exploring new areas around the ship