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J2ME version

Title screen
Start of the first mission. The first name is provided by an anonymous, kind soul.
Pull the lever to open the door on the right, but only for a short time.
Another enemy defeated!
Waiting for the right moment to drop down.
Mission completion statistics
Pull the crate to solve a puzzle.
Blend in with the crowd to avoid being detected.
Can you spot me here?
One of the first major bosses.
The grappling hook cannot only be used to move around, but also to pull enemies towards you.
In this scenery, Altaïr needs to "recharge" at fires or he'll freeze to death.
Collect four memory blocks to receive an additional health unit.
Climing a pole to reach the platform on the right.
Kick the fire towards the structure to bring him down.
Bombs can open entrances.
Advanced platform skills
Fighting in mid air.
Another major boss
Four different weapons can be collected.
A bomb took care of them.
The final boss fight
Level selection. New ones are added once they are completed.