Asterix: Caesar's Challenge

Asterix: Caesar's Challenge Screenshots

CD-i version

Intro, with Romans getting beat up as usual
Starting screen
Character selection
Choosing game length and object amount
View of the board
Trivia question
Overview of the board
That horse in this picture seems familiar..
You can beat up Romans in this game sequence, but it's all simple like the other games
This game has you evading obstacles with Dogmatix
Status of the game participants

Asterix: Caesar's Challenge Screenshots

DOS version

You start of at this menu
The character selection screen
The board at the start of the game
One of the minigames: guide Dogmatix through a passage
You can get an item by answering the question correctly
In this screen you can see the items you have
In this minigame you have to beat up romans
Another view of the board
An overview of the board
Classic opening
Main menu
Character selection
Difficulty selection
Game length
Board with dice
Iceberg mini-game
Drifting Briton
One of the prizes
Gaius Detritus moves the player piece to the prison.
"Simon-Says" harp game
Tied bard
Replacing pieces of the picture.
Later, a fog covers the picture and the player has to click on the animal that is making noise.
Phoenician merchant
Boar hunt
This character appear when the player already has the prize.
In this memory game, the colors disappear like in a coloring book.
Finding the misplaced object.
Flying gaul
Flying carpets
Hitting the pirates.
Dogmatix stumbling inside a pyramid.
Fish fight
Color game
Javelin game
Another part of the board
Bought salami
The spy allows the piece to be moved anywhere in the board.
Panacea wins
Quit screen