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ArcadeThe Atari Times (Feb 24, 2004)
Well, I still had a lot of fun with this one, despite what others may think - or not - of it. Heck, people, in general, like the smell of fresh-cut grass, which I can't stand, so there ya go, we're not the same. I think this provided a decent sequel and more in-depth gameplay than the original (especially when dealing with those Wedges and Diamonds [which the latter might be a girl's best friend, but it's a video game player's worst enemy on this game!]), and having spot-on controls (also exactly like the original, except the shields), good graphics and sounds (again, pretty much like the original's) just carry on the tradition of an Atari classic. Man, I'd be real happy if I could play a game of this today, it's one of the games from my past that I miss.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
Overall, Asteroids Deluxe is a simplistic repackaging of Asteroids. Sure, there are a few new toys, and one new bad guy, but if you've played the original, then you have played this. Asteroids Deluxe isn't quite a clone, its video game DNA is slightly different -- very slightly. Think of Asteroids Deluxe as the first cousin of Asteroids. Don't get me wrong, it is still fun to play, but if you go in thinking there's something "deluxe" about it, you will be disappointed.
Atari STST Action (Oct, 1988)
This is boulder-bashing at its best and the exclusion of that cowardly Hyperspace facility forces you to face the music at all times. You can't lose with this one - buy it!
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Sep, 1988)
I found It difficult to get enthusiastic about this offering due to the sluggish control method. lt is fun for a while, but personally I'd wait for Mlrrorsoft's conversion of Blasteroids -which shouId have a lot more depth than this.
Atari STThe Atari Times (Sep 04, 2001)
It always remains a mystery to me why Atari never choose to sponsor a major innovative game concept instead of just porting over one game from their classic game library. At that time, Megaroids was available which is in many ways similar to Asteroids Deluxe but runs in mono and colour resolutions. The only addition to the arcade version is a title screen. There are now much better versions of Asteroids available – Asteroids Deluxe looks and sounds boring.

Bottom line: This simple remake of an arcade classic misses both the classicness of the arcade original and lacks any innovative ideas.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Sep, 1988)
In terms of graphics the Deluxe version is certainly an improvement, but still quite poor while sound is just adequate. The underlying gameplay is incontrovertibly Asteroids, but with such minimal improvements that it soon becomes repetitive. An authentic graphics conversion would probably have been better if the programmers couldn't be bothered to add more to the gameplay.