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Beware of the real small ones.... Windows Chris Martin (1204)
A classic update that doesn't loose the hectic feel of the original. Windows Lee Seitz (722)

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Game Boy Color 5 3.5
Macintosh Awaiting 5 votes...
PlayStation 6 3.9
Windows 9 3.5
Combined User Score 20 3.6

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Game Boy ColorGame Vortex (1999)
Asteroids is a classic shoot-em-up that has ported nicely, first to the PSX and now to GBC. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. You won't be sorry.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Nov, 1998)
Okay, I just gotta say it, "Asteroids rocks!"....
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Jan 25, 1999)
Overall, this is a great game that hasn't aged a second, and still holds its power to compel gamers to play "just one more game." Despite the tasty updated graphics, hyperactive folks addicted to blood and guts may not like it. Most gamers, though, will find a pleasant journey back to a time when happiness was a new high score and nirvana was only a quarter away.
PlayStationGamezilla (Jan 03, 1999)
This new version of Asteroids is one game that you won't master overnight. It doesn't take long to get used to the controls, but there is so much variety to this version that it will take you some time to get through all the zones. Getting through the first few should have you hooked. This is what makes it such a good game. It is challenging and fun, with excellent gameplay and multiple levels that will keep your attention for quite a while, especially if you're a veteran of the classic version. If you've never played Asteroids before, this is the best version to buy, and just might rekindle the Asteroids craze all over again.
Game Boy ColorVideo Games (Dec, 1999)
Mit Asteroids liefert Activision ein gediegenes Remake des Klassikers, komplett mit GBC-“Render“-Vorspann, durchdachten 2-Spieler-Modus, massenhaft Extras und Power-Ups, im Spiel verstecktem Original-Game von 1979, Printer-Funktion (ihr dürft euch ein Zertifikat ausdrucken, wenn ihr's durchgespielt habt), aufpolierter Grafik und einem 38-seitigen, deutschen, wirklich vorbildhaften Handbuch, das keine Fragen offen lässt. Leider flackert die Grafik bei hohem Objektaufkommen, fünf Zonen sind zudem nicht der Menge letzter Schluss. Abzug gibt’s außerdem für den fehlenden – na ratet mal – genau: Batteriespeicher. Ist der wirklich soooooo teuer?
Game Boy ColorIGN (Sep 29, 1999)
I never really cared for the PlayStation rendition of Asteroids, but the game makes a lot more sense on the Game Boy Color handheld. I'd rather slap this puppy into the handheld for a quick game or two than wait for the PlayStation to boot it up. It's a lot of fun, but only in later levels -- skip the first dozen rounds by entering SPACEVAC into the password screen. That'll let you jump to Zone 2 -- a much more interesting round. The classic version is a good inclusion, but if you're going to do it, do it right. Overall, a good game for classic fans -- if you can manage to turn off the nitpick switch in your mind.
WindowsGame Over Online (Nov 16, 1998)
I really enjoyed playing this game and I would suggest it to anyone who enjoyed playing the original Asteroids (or even if you didn't, this game is great fun). I'd definitely toss out some dough to own this one because it will keep you coming back for arcade action for months to come.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Jan 29, 1999)
Asteroids is een leuk tussendoortje dat waarschijnlijk enkel door de echte fans van het origineel zal worden geapprecieerd.
PlayStationMega Fun (Dec, 1998)
Natürlich haben solche Titel bei mir stets einen gewissen Nostalgie-Bonus, doch auch für sich betrachtet macht die 98er-Version des Klassikers durch seine unkomplizierte Spielmechanik immer noch sehr viel Spaß. Freilich hält sich dabei die Spieltiefe und somit die Dauermotivation thematisch bedingt in Grenzen. Activision bietet diese Neuauflage daher auch zum Schnäppchenpreis an. Meines Erachtens ein sehr faires Angebot, zumal der Zwei- Spieler-Modus auch längerfristig Asteroids-Anhänger vor den Bildschirm zu fesseln weiß.
WindowsPower Unlimited (Apr, 1999)
Activision heeft met Asteroids een leuke game neergezet, vooral voor oude 2600-spelers. Het concept is in ere gehouden, maar de 3D departement is helemaal lau gegaan op de graphics. Leuk. Een nieuwe Space Invaders schijnt ook in de maak.
WindowsGameSpot (Jan 05, 1999)
It's great that somebody is remaking old games and making them better, rather than just licensing names and tacking them onto non sequitur first-person shooters. Activision has a winner here. Asteroids is 100 percent true to the feel of the original, with terrific new power-ups to spice things up. Though not likely to make anyone quit his day job - how many times could anyone want to clear another screen of debris? - it's fun to give a damn about high scores again.
Game Boy ColorCyberGames (Oct 15, 1999)
A game very well-suited for Game Boy and still a classic.
Game Boy ColorTotal! (Germany) (Oct, 1999)
Grafisch präsentiert sich Asteroids zeitgemäß. Die umherfliegenden Felsbrocken drehen sich im Flug um die eigene Achse und brechen auseinander oder zerplatzen in kleinen Explosionen, wenn sie getroffen werden. Die verschiedenen Hintergründe sind sehr schon gezeichnet, leider aber etwas zu dunkel geraten. Über ein Link-Kabel kann auch ein Freund mit ins Geschehen eingreifen. Wer sich erst einmal auf die Jagd nach den Asteroiden begeben hat, der wird nicht mehr so schnell davon loskommen.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Apr, 1999)
Activision heeft met Asteroids een leuke game neergezet, vooral voor oude 2600-spelers. Het concept is in ere gehouden, maar de 3D departement is helemaal lau gegaan op de graphics. Leuk. Een nieuwe Space Invaders schijnt ook in de maak.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Jan, 1999)
Asteroids delivers pretty much everything I'd want from an update to the classic coin-op. It packs cool power-ups, excellent visuals, a good variety of 'roids to blast - all while maintaining the tension of the original. The themed levels and interactive backgrounds keep things from getting too monotonous, repetitive game. You'll wanna fire this sucker up, blast rocks and zone out.
WindowsPower Play (Dec, 1998)
Glückwunsch!“ Activision hat die Seele des Klassikers, die absolut denkfreie, gemein schnelle Action sorgfältig erhalten und in ein ansprechendes Äußeres mit ausschließlich sinnvollen Neuerungen (Power-Ups, verschiedene Welten, Gegnervielfalt) gesteckt. Auch die Grafik könnte für dieses Spielprinzip nicht besser sein, nur die Soundeffekte gestalten sich etwas dürftig. Tiefgang oder große Überraschungen dürft Ihr natürlich nicht erwarten, dafür um so mehr sorglosen Ballerspaß.
PlayStationVideo Games (Dec, 1998)
Wer gute Reaktionen hat, ballert sich voller Inbrunst durch über 70 hektische, aber höchst spannungsgeladene Level. Die Grafik ist sicherlich nicht das, was viele auf ihrer PlayStation erwarten. Trotzdem macht es einfach einen Heidenspaß, sich die Seele aus dem Leib zu ballern, auch wenn‘s auf die Dauer zu langweilig erscheinen mag. Simple Unterhaltungskost eben, die dennoch fesselt! Während der Asteroiden-Scharmützel werden des Spielers Ohren mit gut gelungenen Soundeffekten verwöhnt. Wer ein simples Ballerspiel sucht, der sollte auf jeden Fall ein Probespielchen wagen.
WindowsAttack Games (Feb, 1999)
Spelkänslan är fortfarande suverän och Asteroids är beroendeframkallande. Men det är inga direkt revolutionerande ändringar i spelet. Om du aldrig har spelat originalet – som finns gömt någonstans i det nya spelet som bonus – kan det vara värt det. Annars så är det mest en kosmetiskt uppiffad nostalgitripp.
PlayStationConsoles Plus (Jan, 1999)
Activision a remis ce titre au goût du jour, en y ajoutant des effets de lumière de la 3D. Le résultat est plutôt bien fait, et fera le bonheur de tous les nostalgiques. Malheureusement, les petits jeunes cracheront dessus.
MacintoshmacHOME (2000)
This title delivers good gameplay even though the interface is weak. When Asteroids is working, elements like simultaneous, multiplayer rock-smashing, and an over-the-top arsenal give the game a hook in a crowded market.
WindowsGamezilla (1998)
If you liked the original game and all its sequels, such as Asteroids Deluxe and Asteroids 3D, you’ll like this, but you’ll probably notice a pattern: not much has changed. The game is definitely much prettier to look at, and the side-by-side multiplayer and ship selection options are neat, but the game is basically the same. If that’s what you want from it, play to your heart’s content. However, after seeing what can be done to update other classic games, such as Centipede and Frogger, it’s kind of a disappointment to see no real changes in the gameplay. I would have been thrilled to find a 3D first person playfield, or ¾ view, or something besides just the flat wrap screen they have had for 20 years. If all you want is the original game experience, I’d rather spend my cash actually buying one of the original arcade machines. So much more could have been done with this besides just a face lift. Buy it if you must, but wait until it hits the bargain bins.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
Asteroids also offers five semi-interactive environments, each of which advances through 15 levels of difficulty. There are some icky alien menaces and a cool level where you have to save Earth, but, ultimately, like the name, the game is still the same.
PlayStationGameSpot (Nov 19, 1998)
Basically, if you liked the old Asteroids, you'll definitely like the new one. Sure, a lot of old games don't necessarily translate into a swell time these days, but this is an exception. With the variety of challenges found in the game, there's a surprising amount of replay value. Value, it should be noted, that is improved when a friend joins in. While it might make a better rental than a straight-up purchase, either way you won't go wrong. For old-school gamers and young ones alike, this game is worthy enough.
WindowsIGN (Nov 23, 1998)
In the end, Asteroids is a good update of one of the greatest games ever made. Even so, it's still pretty damn simple. Worse still, I ran into several really wonky problems with controller set-up, video card compatibility and other little quirks that, while fixed fairly quickly, really should have been there in the first place. If you're in to straight arcade shooters, you'll probably get a lot of enjoyment out of Asteroids, if however, you're looking for the added depth that Activision gave to Battlezone, you're most likely to come away disappointed.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Dec, 1998)
Mein erstes Videospiel-Erlebnis überhaupt war Anfang der 80er neben einer "Defender"-Kiste ein Asteroids-Automat. Um so gespannter war ich auf Activisions Update, bei dem die 3D-Karten zum Glück nur die herumfliegenden Gegenstäde darstellen - das Spielprinzip tasteten die Programmierer wohlweislich nicht an. Eine kurze Ballerei macht dem Retro-Fan auch heute noch Spaß, allerdings ist die Langzeitmotivation wohl in einem schwarzen Loch versunken. Dafür geht es schon im ersten Level hektischer als vor 20 Jahren zu.
WindowsPC Joker (Dec, 1998)
Eine nette Idee sind Sonneneruptionen und weitere Animationen in der Hintergrundgrafik. Zumal da etwa ein schwarzes Loch die Trägheit verändert oder auf der Erde einschlagende Brocken den Score reduzieren. Davon abgesehen bieten die sechs Grafikwelten mit je 15 Levels aber keine Überraschungen: Dank ähnlicher Angreiferformationen, dreier Continues à fünf Leben und einer Speicheroption ist der fade Endgegner binnen weniger Stunden besiegt. Dann dürfen zur Belohnung die häßlichen Vektor-Klötze des alten Originals zerbröselt werden.
Game Boy ColorGamesFirst! (2002)
If you're a fan of the original, or if you're just really into space shooters, Asteroids for GBC might be your thing. The graphics are amazing, and the play is as good as ever. But in a market populated by (mostly) "deeper" games that involve more story and less repetitive play, it's doubtful that Asteroids will make many top ten lists.
Game Boy ColorElectric Playground (Nov 30, 1999)
Very little is able to survive, undistorted, the “Honey I shrunk the game” process of porting to the Game Boy Color. Asteroids is no exception. The tiny screen gives the player very little room to work with and changes the relative size of the asteroids and there’s heavy, ship stopping friction. The classic version, hidden away on the cartridge plays at a different, some would say, wrong speed from the arcade version. Still, Asteroids is a great game for distracting you for a few minutes from all the advertisements on the bus. What more do you want from your Game Boy Color?
WindowsAll Game Guide (1998)
No matter, though. Asteroids isn't about storyline, it's about the fun and addicting action of flying around space and blowing things up. In that regard, the game succeeds nicely. It's basically the original game with better graphics and more weapons. It's not the next generation of gaming by any means, but it is fun to play. And while it may be a little too easy to beat once you've mastered each level, it's certainly an enjoyable diversion for fans of the original.
PlayStationIGN (Nov 13, 1998)
Asteroids won't be on the top of my winter holiday list, but it's a fun game to own and have in your library for a game or two every so often.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Dec 28, 1998)
In sum, Activision's version of Asteroids is a fun game, but not nearly the game it could have been. The conservative approach here to updating a video classic, improving graphics and sound while not introducing any real innovations in gameplay, is not as attractive as the more revolutionary approach taken by those (such as Astrorock 2000, Swarm, and Juggernaut Corps) that actually attempt to introduce significant new wrinkles while still keeping the spirit of the original. Because I am an arcade shooter junkie, I will keep playing all four of these games for quite some time to come; but for those of you who are more addicted to other kinds of games, I think all you need is one of these, and I would be really hard-pressed to recommend Activision's efforts over the others.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Dec, 1998)
Unzählige Shareware-Klone haben das Ur-Asteroids schön aufbereitet, Activision versucht es jetzt zur Abwechslung mal mit 3D-Grafik. Die ist recht schick, und die Levels sind ideenreich, aber im Grunde taugt das Spielprinzip halt nicht zu mehr als ein paar schweißtreibenden Minuten am Automaten. Nach einer nicht allzu langen Weile wird Asteroids schlichtweg langweilig.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Mar, 1999)
The 3D graphics, music, and sound are well done, although more variety in backgrounds would have been nice. However, the minor additions to the game aren’t enough to make anyone but a die hard fan of the original want to sit through 75 levels of spin-and-fire.
Game Boy ColorAll Game Guide (1999)
Lastly, the original arcade version of Asteroids is hidden somewhere in the game. However, you will need to pay close attention to the screen and look for any out-of-place asteroids floating around. Unfortunately, even with all its new additions Asteroids just doesn't bring a tear to the classic gamers' eye. It's way too easy to beat.
WindowsGame Revolution (Dec 01, 1998)
In the end, while Asteroids is just a rebirth of the original, one question still remains: is it worth dishing out hard-earned bucks for copy? Well, other than a few powerups, the gameplay is almost exactly the same as the original. So the bottom line is that, other than the impressive visual effects, Asteroids has no real advantages over the hundreds of other (free) clones floating around on the internet, some of which may support network play. Take it for what it is: the original Asteroids with a makeover.
In all, what you have here is an upgraded version of a classic that didn't need upgrading. It says in the manual that the classic game is hidden somewhere in one of the missions. Do yourself a favor, if you have already bought this game and can't return it, find the classic game. My bet is that you'll enjoy it a hell of a lot more. If you haven't bought it, pick up a copy of Microsoft Arcade and play the original version of this game. Then, you won't have to worry about having the latest hardware drivers.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Dec 01, 1998)
For a game that was perfectly designed in the first place, one must wonder why a retrofit was required. Although several good games have come out of this recent fad, in the case of Asteroids, it was a mistake to try and update it. What we are left with is essentially the same game as the original, with the addition of a two-player mode. Is that what anyone really wanted?
MacintoshMac Addict (Dec, 2000)
Simply put, the new version of Asteroids relies just as much on "blast-'em-all" gameplay as its predecessors did—and the thrill of pulverizing space rocks ad nauseam holds only so much appeal.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Dec, 1998)
Wer Filme wie Mars braucht Frauen mag und viel Zeit und jede Menge Geld zu vergeuden hat, liegt hier genau richtig. Alle anderen mögen sich doch bitte mal die Freeware Asteroid Impact anschauen: Da wird für lau ein Vielfaches an Spielspaß und Atmosphäre geboten.
WindowsCincinnati Enquirer (1999)
Asteroids is another attempt to relive those arcade days gone by. Unfortunately, such games often fail, and Asteroids is no exception. While the new version is fun in small doses, it falls short of capturing the addictive enjoyment found in the original.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic (Dec 10, 2004)
This updated Asteroids is much easier that the original and not nearly as addictive. The load times are reasonable, but the two-player mode is completely worthless due to its unfair scoring system. The original version of Asteroids is also included, if only to illustrate how hard it is to improve on perfection.
PlayStationGame Chronicles (Feb 04, 1999)
You are probably asking, "Is it really that bad?" I'm afraid so. This is definitely a title that is destined to "hyperjump" to the Bargain Bin. For $9.95 it may be worth picking up just for the 80's version of the game and the cool movies in the remake, but unless you "really" like insanely difficult and mindless shooters, stay away from this title. There are plenty of other great games out there for the PlayStation that are more deserving of your dollar.
PlayStationJoypad (Jan, 1999)
Eh bien cette version PlayStation reste dans l'esprit de l'original en proposant des graphismes dépouillés et un principe aussi stupide. Sinon, environ tous les quinze niveaux, le décor change de fond avec une variation de quelques étoiles en sus... un véritable scandale graphique pour tout vous-dire ! Fatal pour les yeux et le porte-monnaie, Asteroids est le titre phare de la merdothèque.