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Asteroids Screenshots

Arcade version

1 coin 1 play
Game starts
Many small asteroids
Last to hit

Asteroids Screenshots

Atari 2600 version

Blasting asteroids...
Each level starts with several large asteroids
Eventually you have lots of little asteroids floating around

Asteroids Screenshots

Atari 7800 version

Atari logo
Title screen
A game in progress
Watch out for that flying saucer!
Each level begins with large asteroids that break up into smaller ones

Asteroids Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Main Screen
Title screen
Select if pulling back on the control causes hyperspace, shields, makes you flip over or has no effect.
Select game and number of players
Blast those asteroids
The large flying saucer
Only 1 asteroid to go

Asteroids Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Dodging some asteroids
Game Over