Astérix Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen
First encounter with a Roman
Grab that key!
Here come the Romans!
There might be a Roman hidden in that trunk...
Beware of the birds!
Game over
Many spikes
secret chamber

NES version

Title screen
Language choice
Obelix is taken away...
The hero
Vitalstatistix' letter
Punch out the Romans
Find the key and explore a scene hidden
Jumping on floating platforms

SNES version

Copyright notice
Language selection
Title screen
The Romans have taken Obelix? How is this possible?
Asterix is sent out to get him back.
Beating the Romans in the forest.
Hmmm ... Ham.
Snowstorm and winter landscape
Jumping from platform to platform.
Egypt, cart ride inside a pyramid
After exiting the cart: falling platforms
At the sea
Creatures like fish and crabs try to stop you.
The City is full of Romans.
There's meat and bonus stuff up there.
Over the bird
Life lost