Advertising Blurbs

Description from manual (Atari 5200):
    Your mission is to save the planet earth from total destruction! To do it, you must eliminate all 8 mega mines now approaching earth - just one will shatter the earth like glass! And while you're blasting mega mines, you must also destroy a barrage of enemy ships as they chase you to the ends of the galaxy! The larger your conquests - the bigger your reception upon returning home! Good luck with your mission!

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Feb 06, 2004.

Atari 5200 - Back of Box:
    ASTRO CHASE - a fast-flying, fast-fighting race through space to save the planet Earth from total destruction!

    Blast off and blaze across a scrolling, star-studded galaxy. Seek out and explode deadly megamines that close in as they orbit earth. But keep an eye out for attacking enemy vessels - they'll pursue you to the far corners of space! Fire your lasers! Or activate your shields and ram the enemy! You've even got SINGLE THRUST PROPULSION - an amazing game feature that lets you fire in one direction while speeding off in another. Save the planet from this awful doom and there's a secret reward awaiting you!

    ASTRO CHASE will dazzle your eyes with spectacular graphics and defy your skills with challenging game play. Craft and strategy are a must if you're to survive 34 skill levels - each one more difficult and more thrilling than the one before!

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Dec 22, 2003.

Parker Brothers Catalog 1983:
    Quick - the planet earth is under alien attack! Only you can save it from total destruction. So jump aboard your spacecraft and stop the enemy before it's too late. You'll need all the speed, skill, and strategy you can muster to challenge these alien forces and win! 1 player

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Dec 17, 2003.