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NESVideoGame (Jun, 1991)
Astyanax é subitamente transportado para outra dimensão, e descobre ser o único capaz de salvar a princesa Rosebud e libertar Remlia, o reino dominado pelo vilão Blackhorn.
Combining colourful graphics and action-packed gameplay, Astynax offers plenty of beat 'em up fun and frolics for those who haven't already tired of Rastan games.
NESHonestGamers (Dec 31, 2003)
Astyanax is a great, low-cost buy for 2D action-adventure fans. It’s challenging, contains some memorable scenes and foes, and has enough of its own personality (some of it gained by the kitsch-heavy interludes) to barely escape the Legendary Axe clone classification - though that distinction in itself, while marking lazy conceptualizing, also marks excellence and good taste.
There are some areas where hits feel unavoidable, and sections with jumps can feel cheap when enemies appear out of nowhere and attack, as being knocked back can send you quickly into a pit. Despite these issues, this is a fun game with lovely, simple anime cutscenes between levels that really add to the story.
NESneXGam (2002)
Wie schon erwähnt war Astyanax absolutes Neuland für mich und für einige andere Zocker scheinbar auch, denn den Titel kennen nur wenige Spieler und wenn, dann meistens nur die wesentlich schönere Arcade-Version. Wer aber mal wieder Lust auf ein forderndes 2D-Action-Spiel im Stiles eines alten Castlevanias hat, kann mit Astyanax nichts verkehrt machen.
NESDefunct Games (Aug 29, 2009)
Overall, Astyanax isn't a bad game, and for those of us looking for hack-and- slash action on the NES, it is probably one of the better titles to choose from. Though the game does not rank among the best the 8-bit era has to offer, it will provide a couple of hours of fun - interspersed with the occasional expletive as you fall victim to another cheap pit death...
50 (Jan, 2011)
Astyanax, like many NES games, began its life as an arcade game, so there’s a possibility some features got taken out upon conversion. The principle of the game – move right and destroy things – is likely the same. The game’s features aren’t all bad: controls are solid, as good or better than Castlevania‘s similar controls, and some of the level design is very atmospheric and spooky. Nevertheless, you’re better off playing the games that Astyanax liberally borrows from.
Astyanax didn't impress me much at all. While its heart is in the right place, the game just doesn't play or move well.
NESVideo Games (Sep, 1991)
Auf so was kann ich getrost verzichten. Astyanax ist hochstapelndes Simpelactionspiel, das vorgibt, ein Action-Adventure mit Rollenspiel-Touch zu sein. Sage und schreibe drei Waffen und drei magische Sprüche stehen zur Verfügung - und die sind so abwechslungsreich wie drei unterschiedliche Weichspüler. Das wär‘ noch nicht so schlimm, doch der Spielablauf ist derart zusammengeschustert, daß einem endgültig der Kragen platzt. Die Feinde tauchen so bescheuert auf (und erscheinen natürlich sofort wieder, wenn man sie erledigt hat), daß der bemitleidenswerte Astyanax kaum einen Schritt vorwärtskommt. Schade um die schöne Grafik, die dieses blöde Spiel nicht verdient hat.