Astyanax Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Stage 1.
Kill the enemy.
Attacked by Skeletons.
Smash the pillar for power-ups.
Jumping across the waterfall.
In a tunnel.
Winged Demon to kill as well.
Two air attacks.
End of Stage boss.
Done it.
Stage 2.
Exploring The Cave.

NES version

The title screen.
Japanese title screen
A gentleman never leaves a lady waiting.
My, what a fitting name!
Mother?! I guess I got most of my genes from dad...
Power up your weapon!
Defending yourself from boney enemies
Down with you, beast!
This hero stuff is fun!
Round 2-1 REDROAD
Round 2-2 INAZUMI
Round 4-1 MARSHY
Round 5-2 CLIFF
Time to jumping
Boss as ball