Basic Math (Atari 2600)

Basic Math Atari 2600 Addition


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Written by  :  RobinHud (73)
Written on  :  May 03, 2005
Rating  :  1.5 Stars1.5 Stars1.5 Stars1.5 Stars1.5 Stars

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The title says it all: basic!

The Good

It's an alternative to what you may find in school books.

The Bad

I still wonder what's good about the game. It merely offers basic math problems. Too simple for someone older than 10 and too boring for someone younger than 10. It feels too much like extra homework. It crude graphical design does nothing to keep a child's attention. Maybe with a funny face for a good answer, or a flower, or a happy puppy, would have done the trick. But a silly little tune did not.

The Bottom Line

The idea was honorable but the result was dismal. I didn't like it then, and I doubt that kids would like it now.