Indy 500 XE Screenshots (Atari 2600)

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Atari 2600 version

The first new race track
The new track in one player mode.
This track is made to look like it is bordered by tires.
Another of the new tracks
This looks like it would be hard to run.
This track loops in and out of the screen, left to right.
This track loops left to right and up and down.
Now this looks complex.
A deceptively simple looking track. The ice will make it harder.
Racing around the ice fishermen.
On an icy track, this will be tough.
Looping on an icy track.
Crash n' score around the Robotron.
E. T. crash n' score
Deceptively simple crash n' score
These look like a fire hydrant and cars.
Tag around the planes and parachuter.