The Scorpion DanceContributed by SirOrlando (250) on Nov 09, 2005.

Sometimes when you have been playing a game for a long time, you need a break. So here is something fun you can try in Pitfall the next time your nerves or concentration need a breather.

Throughout the game of Pitfall, there is a series of ever present tunnels below you. You will notice that on many of the screens, giant scorpions will be patrolling the tunnels. They are very aware of your presence, and will follow you across the screen.

Wait until the scorpion stops below you, and then wiggle the joystick back and forth, and the scorpion will mimic your movements! This is especially fun to do in time to your favorite music, and the scorpion will be happy to dance as long as you have patience! However, it is not recommended to descend into the tunnels to try to dance directly with the scorpion. Only dance with the scorpion above the ground.

NOTE: Getting the scorpion to dance below you is especially hysterical during the late hours of night...

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Move rapidly back and forth to make the scorpion dance!

Move rapidly back and forth to make the scorpion dance!

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