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Star Ship Atari 2600 Shooting space objects in Star Ship


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Advertising Blurbs

1978 Atari VCS Catalog:


    Hurtle through space in the cockpit of a spaceship, steering your way through 17 games and variations

    Line up space vehicles and shoot 'em out of the sky while avoiding asteroids. Or pilot a lunar lander onto the moon. One wrong move and it's curtains.

    Starship (game variations 1 to 9) Chase your opponent's space module through space while avoiding other space vehicles. But it's tricky. He can make his space module invisible at any time.

    Warp Drive (game variations 10 and 11) Press the button to speed up to warp drive, avoiding other space vehicles as they slip by you at faster and faster speeds. Your mission is to travel as fast and as far as possible without losing time when you hit a space object.

    Lunar Lander (game variations 12 to 17) Pilot a lunar lander on to the surface of the moving moon.

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