Surround (Atari 2600)

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Written by  :  RobinHud (73)
Written on  :  May 03, 2005
Platform  :  Atari 2600
Rating  :  2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

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This simple, yet addictive classical game was so successful that its clones are countless.

The Good

Somebody had to come up this idea. This popular arcade game combines action and strategy to provide hours of entertainment. I particularly enjoyed the Erase variation that allows the players to move their dot without leaving a track. A few tactical moves and the game turns into an evolving maze where you can trap your opponent. Add a speed factor to that and you can play forever without repeating the same moves.

I found interesting to see how the Disney studios integrated their own version of that game in the 1982 movie Tron, which soon inspired the arcade game of the same name.

The Bad

Besides the standard game and its speed variation, all games require two players. And after some practice, you may find ways to beat the computer almost every time, but you will require more experience to achieve the same with the fast variation. So basically, it's more challenging to play with someone else.

Understand here that I don't really consider the Video Graffiti as a game. It reminds me of Etch-A-Sketch and for the purpose of drawing, you're better off with the latter.

Like all games released for the Atari 2600 in 1977, Surround is no visual candy. It merely consists of a little square that generates dotted lines on a flat surface.

The Bottom Line

The replay potential of this game is good enough to make you forget about its poor aspect.