Tunnel Runner Screenshots (Atari 2600)

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Atari 2600 version

"Tunnel Runner" Title Screen
Pressing the fire button on the joystick reveals an overhead map of the maze. You can see your opponents on the earlier levels
One of the enemy "Zot's" in the distance... the Zot theme can be softly heard
The Zot has sensed your presence and is approaching!
The Zot is getting very near! The music has also grown loud and sinister...
GOTCHA! You weren't fast enough, and the Zot cornered you!
The Key is in Sight! (Triangle) You need it to unlock the portal to the next level
If you have obtained the key, this door will unlock the portal to the next maze.
Title screen
Wandering about a maze
Viewing the map for the current maze
Which way to go here?
Agh, watch out for this guy!
A door!
An enemy turns the corner...
Maze 2: an enemy approaches, better get out of here...
That looks like the exit in the upper right corner...
Which way to go? Plenty of choices here...
I got caught!