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Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom is a fun game, but it feels very familliar - like you're playing borrowed ideas - and doesn't offer a whole lot of diversity. It's a fun game and we fully dig it, but I wish it had a little more to offer.
While Buck Rogers certainly isn’t the worst shooter I’ve ever played, there are a lot better ones for the 5200, such as Beamrider, River Raid and Star Wars: Arcade to name a few. Play them instead and you’ll have much more fun!
The Video Game Critic (Dec 31, 2002)
Remember Gil Gerard and his little robot friend Twiki from the Buck Rogers TV show? Relax, they aren't in this game. Buck Rogers is no classic, but the 5200 version isn't so bad. You fly your ship over a planet surface, weaving between electric posts and blasting UFOs. The psuedo-3D scaling is relatively smooth and looks good, but navigation using the 5200 controller is no walk in the park. I do like how a counter at the top of the screen keeps track of your progress. Each of the five levels ends with a confrontation in deep space with a mother ship that looks like a double tie-fighter. Holding down the fire button initiates rapid fire, which is always a good thing. Buck Rogers plays fairly well despite some occasional collision detection glitches. One aspect I hate is how the screen flashes and makes an explosion sound whenever you complete a stage - it looks like your ship blew up! In the end, Buck Rogers is playable but thoroughly forgettable.