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From the first time I played this game in the arcade, it intrigued me. The 3-D perspective was different from any other game I’d played at the time and the game was interesting enough concept wise. I was never much very good at this game in the arcades. It seemed no matter how long I played, I never got much further than the second level. I always had fun playing, though, so I always plopped quarter after quarter into it.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 26, 2002)
There's NO WAY you can possibly tell where those blinking coconuts are heading. The blocky monkeys also look dreadful, and seem to be oblivious to what you're doing. Controlling your little man is a chore. Your view is from an angled perspective, so pulling down on the joystick should move your man diagonally right? But instead he moves straight down so you constantly have to re-adjust. At least Congo the ape looks respectable. The second screen is a Frogger-like river stage, but it's not much better. Everything in the water is an ugly shade of brown, and the choppy animation makes leaping between hippos an exercise in frustration. No question about it - this game is a total piece of crap.