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Galaga (Atari 7800)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Advertising Blurbs
    ■ Single player ■ Hi-Definition ■ Control your fighter, with its unique ability to combine with other fighters, and shoot down the invading aliens. Aliens attack in formations using a variety of attack patterns. Rescue a captured fighter to combine with it to form a Dual Fighter with twice the firepower! Earn Perfect Bonuses more easily using a Dual Fighter on the Challenging Stages! GALAGA was released in 1981, and became an instant classic with its innovative fighter combination system and varied enemy attack patterns. ■ There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (15475) on Jan 16, 2012.
    Galaga was released in the arcades in 1981 and became an instant classic. This exciting title soon became know for its innovative fighter combination system and the varied enemy attack patterns. Take control of a fighter space craft and shoot down the invading aliens. Watch out for the swooping motherships, which will try to steal your fighter! Rescue captured fighters to double your firepower! Earn Perfect Bonuses as you battle your way through wave after wave in different challenging stages.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (15475) on Sep 15, 2010. - Xbox 360:
    Galaga kam 1981 in die Spielhallen und wurde gleich zu einem Klassiker. Dieses spannende Spiel machte sich dank des innovativen Kampfkombinationssystems und der variablen Angriffsmuster der Gegner schnell einen Namen. Übernehmt die Kontrolle über ein Kriegsraumschiff und schießt die angreifenden Aliens ab.Aber hütet euch vor den herabstürzenden Mutterschiffen, die euer Kriegsschiff stehlen wollen!Rettet gekaperte Kriegsschiffe, um eure Schusskraft zu verdoppeln! Verdient euch bei der Abwehr der einzelnen Angriffswellen in den verschiedenen anspruchsvollen Leveln Bonuspunkte.

    Contributed by Yearman (18592) on Nov 30, 2007.

Back cover of the NES box:

    Captain: ...kshhh..DAY! MAYDAY! MAY...come in base... kshhh...

    Base: Commander I'm picking up a faint transmission.

    Captain: ...repeat MAYD..kshh...under attach [sic] ...kshh...Hideous creatures

    Base: Captain your signal is weak. Please retransmit...over

    Captain: We've defeated thousands...kshh...sub-alpha missiles malfunction...stealth shields men...desperate...kshh...horrible...kshh...

    Base: Captain get a hold of yourself! It's only a video game! Do you copy? CAPTAIN?

    Captain: . . . kshhhhhhhhhhhh . . .

    Galaga--It's only a video game

    Move the fighters right and left and defend against the missiles and suicide attacks of the Galaga aliens and the Galaga Commander through infinite levels of play--with every third level having a challenging stage! Retrieve captured fighters from the descending Galaga Commander tractor-beam and double your fire power.

    Contributed by PCGamer77 (3025) on Feb 15, 2003.