Adventure in the Fifth Dimension Credits


Game byBrian Moriarty
Editor/PublisherMichael DesChenes, Lee H. Pappas
Managing EditorJon A. Bell
Contributing EditorsTony Messina, Gary Rose, Marcia Rose
Art DirectorBob Desi
Technical DivisionCharles Bachand, Tom Hudson, Brian Moriarty
Advertising ManagerMichael DesChenes
DistributionPatrick J. Kelley
TypographyHandrickx & Larrivee Co. Inc.
Production/DistributionLorell Press Inc.
ContributorsThomas Ray Hamel, Joseph Harb, Thomas Krischan, Dick Kushner, Richard G. Lyons, Jessie Stephens, Dick Tedeschi, Raymond T. Tillman, Bert Williams

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