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From the manual:
    A Word From The Designers

    The War in Vietnam dominated American life in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was in the newspapers, in our conversations, on TV, and in our thoughts. The War shaped national politics, created a "generation gap", and contributed mightily to the emergency of the "counter-culture." Not since the Civil War had America suffered from such deep divisions, and hopefully it will be at least as long before it does again.

    For a decade after the War ended, most Americans turned their backs on it, preferring to forget the painful episode as best they could. This response was natural and perhaps necessary, but it will become dangerous if it goes on too long. Just as America has finally begun to embrace the veterans of the War, it must begin to take stock of the lessons of the War. Many books and articles debating the political issues appeared during the War, and a good many first-person accounts were written by soldiers and junior officers in the decade after it ended. Relatively few works addressing the military aspects of the War have been published, however. It is not easy to learn how the War was fought, or why it was fought as it was.

    Traditionally, such a gap would have invited a book. However, the power of the personal computer now makes it possible for us to offer a different approach: a series of real-time simulations in which you take command of one of the opposing armies. Each simulation starts with the contending forces at their historical strengths and in their historical deployments, but from then on your decisions determine the course of the battle. While you play, you will gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing armies, and you will come to understand why they fought as they did. If you work at it, you may even come up with some improvements over the historical tactics.

    All this said, we also believe that CONFLICT IN VIETNAM contains a set of exciting and challenging games that will engross you for many hours. Designing them was a tremendously rewarding process for us, and we are confident that whether you play to grapple with new strategic challenges or to gain new insights into history, you will find CONFLICT IN VIETNAM to be a uniquely satisfying experience.

    Sid Meier, Ed Bever

    Contributed by -Chris (7566) on Mar 16, 2003.

From the back of the box:
    Another simulation from the creators of F-15 Strike Eagle and Silent Service

    Conflict in Vietnam

    Match the bravery, courage and patriotism of those who fought in the Vietnam War.

    Conflict in Vietnam is an enlightening, easy-to-use simulation of that intense, agonizing and frustrating period of American involvement in the struggles of Southeast Asia.

    It puts you in command as five of the decisive battles of the War are accurately recreated.

    Either battle solo against the computer, or head-to-head against an opponent.

    The exiting, non-stop action takes place in accelerated real-time. You must make constant decisions in order to accomplish missions in a hostile environment where it is never clear who is enemy or ally.

    Will you be able to determine the strategies that lead to victory?

    Conflict in Vietnam challenges the leadership qualities of veteran campaigners as well as new recruits to strategy simulations.

    • Accelerated real-time simulation
    • Excellent graphics and sound
    • Five exciting battle scenarios
    • 'What if' variants
    • Various skill levels
    • Historic accuracy
    • Single and two-player modes
    • Comprehensive documentation
    • Hundreds of hours of constructive entertainment

    Contributed by -Chris (7566) on Mar 16, 2003.