Guderian Credits (Atari 8-bit)

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Guderian Credits


Game DesignJames F. Dunnigan
Computer Game Design & ProgrammingDyadic Software Associates
Rulebook EditingWilliam E. Peschel, Dyadic Software Associates
Art DirectionWilliam E. Peschel, Dyadic Software Associates
PlaytestingRoger Batchelder (as Roger Batchelder II), Neil Bradley, Peter Brickwood, David B. Brown, Paul L. Roberts, William Creamer, Dennis Duncan, Dale Findley, Lew Fisher, David C. Fram, Thomas Konczal, John Loy, William L. MacMurdy Jr., Chris Many, David W. Nesbitt, Richard Roberts, Jim Rupprecht, David Skarupa, Phil Studenberg, Johnny Wilson
Player's MapCharles Kibler
Production CoordinatorPhyllis Opolko
Art. Dept CoordinatorJean Baer
Prep. Dept. CoordinatorElaine M. Adkins
TypesettingColonial Composition
PrintingMonarch Services
Cover ArtGeorge Parrish

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (196669)