Magia Kryształu Trivia (Atari 8-bit)

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The title music is a cover of the 1987 song Zaopiekuj się mną ("Take Care of Me") by the Polish rock band Rezerwat.

The in-game music is a cover of the 1986 song Marchewkowe Pole ("Carrot Field") by the Polish rock band Lady Pank.


The villain's name is the same as that of Jarosław Syrylak, who was then an employee of the publishing company L. K. Avalon. There was no ill will involved, though; the authors heard Syrylak's name while making a phone call to L. K. Avalon and later decided to borrow the "demonic" sounding name for their new game. They were unaware that it was the person's real last name and not just a pseudonym. After the game was released, the real Jarosław Syrylak threatened to sue the developers, forcing them to apologize over the phone.

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