Missile Command (Atari 8-bit)

Missile Command Atari 8-bit Title screen


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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 5.0
Overall User Score (4 votes) 4.2

Critic Reviews

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Atari Gamer - XL-XE Game Review Edition
The original arcade game used a POKEY chip, just like the A8, so all the sound effects are 100% authentic and the increasingly difficult waves are all present complete with missiles, UFOs and the killer satellites. If you don’t already have Missile Command for your A8 then I suggest you rectify that as soon as possible as this is right up there with the best titles on the machine.
Voici donc la troisième pièce du majeur triptyque des Missile Command Atari : une version pour micro-ordinateur, après celle du café et la variante un peu simplifiée du VCS. En fait, le jeu sur ordinateur est une transcription quasi parfaite du jeu d'arcade originel.
The Video Game Critic
This version is an exact copy of the Atari 5200 edition, which was not the best version they could have used for the Atari XEGS. The main flaw is the fact that you only have one missile base, compared to three in the arcade. Considering the XE includes a keyboard, this oversight is not easy to forgive. The graphics barely do the job, although the gameplay is rock solid. I think including Missile Command with the XE game system was largely a cop-out from a company running low on innovative new titles.