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A tactical/operational simulation of the largest Airborne operation of World War ell, this game suffers from graphic sensory deprivation — determining the road network is a lesson in frustration. Also, input may not be readjusted in mid-play, and overall, the user interface is both clumsy and unforgiving.
The weather can also be either historical or random. Cloudy days restrict the amount of air support and the number of airborne reinforcements for the Allies. Overcast days prevent both. Playing with historical weather means both sides know exactly when the second and third drops will occur In solitaire play, the computer always plays the Germans. It can be an easy or a tough opponent depending on the level of difficulty selected. Small battles develop around each drop zone, the most desperate being farthest north. The way units are jumbled together without well-defined lines and the uncertainty about where, when, and in what strength the enemy will appear next keep the game interesting for both sides. Even better, an entire game can be concluded in a single evening. I recommend this game to all WW II fans.