Storm Screenshots (Atari 8-bit)

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Atari 8-bit version

The title screen. The music here is outstanding, unfortunately the rest of the game is music-free.
As the game starts, remove the border around the player by touching the twig-looking switch before a lot of enemies spawn.
Destroying an enemy generator.
Another room. Lots of items to collect.
Those apparently garbled tiles - they are supposed to look like that. They are supposed to be fog or something.
There is no point to stop and fight enemies whenever you don't have to, as they respawn every time you re-enter a room.
Each screen has a line of flavor text to scrolling on top.
Gahh - the fog! It's annoying!
Sometimes a trap is triggered, and you have to trek across lots and lots of screens just to get back where you were.
Just another screen.
More treasure to collect.. and more annoying fog.