Armour-Geddon Credits


Game DesignPaul Hunter, Ed Scio
CodingPaul Hunter, Ed Scio
Graphics: 3DJim Bowers, Lee Carus-Wescott (as Lee Carus)
Graphics: BitmapLee Carus-Wescott (as Lee Carus), Garvan Corbett (as Garv Corbett/Gary Corbett)
Ray Tracing: Design & GraphicsJim Bowers
Ray Tracing: Sequence CodingChris Wylie
DocumentationNik Wild
German Adaptation (Deutsche Bearbeitung)Jürgen Mayr
Special Thanks toSteven Riding (as Steve Riding), Sound Images, Phil Betts
Printed byHesketh Data Form
Painting byIan Naylor

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (93773)