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Castle Master is as good-looking and fast as its 16-bit cousin. The puzzles are tough, and even fans will be stumped for a while. But with a bit of patience you will be able to move deeper into the maze of rooms.
ST Format (May, 1990)
Though Castle Master lacks the heart pounding excitement of a first class shoot-'em-up, it has the depth and quality to keep you engrossed. Pound for pound, no game this year will give you more gameplay. Enjoy! [Page 51f]
There's so much to do it will take ages to finish even with minimum points. And if your bent is for playing princesses rather than knights, Incentive have included an option for that, too - playing a woman is a different proposition. Take a look at Castle Master - it's the best Freescape game yet.
The One (Apr, 1990)
The best aspect though, is the total freedom of movement and action within the game environment, and the fact that actions have consequences - try stepping on a piece of cheese and then eating it, or sticking your hand down a plug hole! Even if you weren't too keen on previous Freescape (TM) games, you should take a look at this one - it's easily the best yet.
Like all the other Freescape games Castle Master does have something of a dead feel about it. The rooms and objects generated by the system look a little too much like computer creations - it is the lack of curves that do it. Despite this, Castle Master is a very enjoyable game which will appeal to all those who enjoy the satisfaction of suddenly realising the solution to a puzzle that has been pondered over for days. All in all this is a very nice addition to the Freescape range of games.
Power Play (Jun, 1990)
Der Adrenalinspiegel steigt, der Kaffeekonsum auch und die Nächte werden wieder kürzer. Mit "Castle Master" ist den Programmierern des Klassikers "Driller" ein weiterer Geniestreich gelungen.
Man kann es drehen, wie man will; man kann das Ding reinhauen, wohin man will - immer kommt eines dabei heraus: ein atmosphärisch dichtes Adventure im gewohnten FREESCAPE-Stil.