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Advert in Commodore Format (Issue 27 Dec 92 p10) – UK:


    Chuck Rock certainly lives up to his name as he chucks rocks at anything in his path on the way to rescue his beautiful wife Ophelia from the evil clutches of his arch enemy Gary Gritta.

    Chuck kicks and belly-butts his way through the 25 zones in five unique areas of exciting and addictive gameplay.

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Back of Box - Game Gear (Europe):
    Chuck's a real rocker, and he wields a mean belly-bump... But will it be enough to defeat all the bizarre beasts and find his belονed?

    Chuck ist ein wahrer Rocker, und er hat einen gemeinen Bauchschlag... Aber wird das genug sein, um all die bizzarren Biester zu schlagen und seine Geliebte wiederzufinden?

    Chuck est un νrai rockeur, et il a un superbe coup de νentre... Mais cela sera-t-il suffisant pour νaincre toutes les créatures bizarres et trouver sa fiancée?

    Chuck es un νerdadero lanzador de rocas, y posee un devastador golpe de barriga... ¿Pero será esto suficiente para νencer a Ιas extrañas bestias y encontrar a su amada?

    Chuck è una vera roccia e possiede un'arma daνvero pericoloso... Ma sarà sufficiente per sconfiggere tutte le bestie strane e trονare Ιa sua innamοrata?

    Chuck är stentuff och han har en farlig magtackling... Men klarar han att besegra de bisarra bestarna οch rädda sin älskade?

    Chuck is een echte rocker en hij heeft een goede heupstoot... Maar is dat genoeg om de enge beesten te verslaan en zijn vrouw te redden?

    Chuck on todellinen seikkailija ja käyttää rajua νatsalyöntiä... Mutta riittääkö se kumoamaan kaikki eriskummalliset pedot ja löytämään rakastettunsa?

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magazine advertisement - SNES (US):

    He's fat, he stinks and he's one of the best-loved characters ever to climb his way out of the primordial slime and onto your video screen. In this rockin' new 16-bit adventure for your Super NES, you'll join Chuck Rock on his belly-bashing, odor-kicking, rock-tossing mission to rescue his wife Ophelia from arch-rival Gary gritter. You and Chuck, who's equipped with a pea-sized brain and nuclear body odor, have to crush some pretty strange characters, like the wild and wooly mammoth, one mean triceratops and a saber-toothed tiger who's permanently hot under the collar. Together, you and the Chuckster swim through swamps, travel up volcanoes and shiver your way through the ice age -- all in the name of love! Nineteen levels set in five prehistoric worlds. Eye-popping graphics and very cool animation. If you wanna rock, you gotta get Chuck Rock.

    A chilly Chuck meets up with the wooly mammoth
    Bring on all challengers

    (Source: page 6 of D.C.'s "Showcase '93" No. 3, March 1993.)

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UK Magazine Advertisement:
    Chuck Rock's peaceful existence has been shattered by the kidnapping of his beautiful wife Ophelia by the evil Gary Gritter.

    In his quest to find her, Chuck kicks and belly butts his way through over 500 screens played over 25 comical zones of exciting and addictive gameplay.

    Contributed by Martin Smith (66828) on Aug 11, 2004.