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If round, green balls with wide eyes are your "thang”, then perhaps this could be the game for you. It stars Terry the Spheroid, whose job it is to to retrieve the magic crystals nicked by Baron von Bonsai, who has stashed them around the thirty-two areas which make up the Cloud Kingdoms. I reviewed this first time round and enjoyed it, remarking upon its Quedex style of gameplay and its jolly, console-esque look. Cloud Kingdoms has aged well, playing more like a puzzle game than an arcade thrasher, and is well worth the dosh.
What little differences there are between this and the Amiga version are purely cosmetic - the game itself remains an enjoyable arcade puzzle romp.
ST Action (Nov, 1991)
Cloud Kingdoms was very well received when it first came out and after playing it again after all the months, it's easy to see why. It can get pretty frustrating but some people like their games like that anyway. Well worth £8 if you missed it first time around.
Génération 4 (Apr, 1990)
Un jeu très prenant, qui à mon avis aura un franc succès dès sa sortie.
ST Format (Oct, 1991)
In fact, everything combines to make life hell, and playing the game is just a smidgen too difficult to be fun. Still, the animation and graphics are enjoyable (the rolling blackballs in particular), so you might like it, even if it's just to complete your collection of games with balls in them.
Nichtsdestotrotz verbirgt sich hinter CLOUD KINGDOMS von MILLENIUM ein durchaus akzeptables Geschicklichkeitsspiel, dessen Schwerpunkte wohl eher im spielerischen Bereich liegen. Hoffentlich wird‘s in der Endfassung noch einen Tick besser.
[Budget re-release] Cloud Kingdoms isn't exactly a world-beater, but it's eminently playable and will keep you amused long enough to easily justify the price tag.
Power Play (Jun, 1990)
Viele Levels, jeder mit einer anderen Aufgabe, plus eine Menge netter Gags – Cloud Kingdoms sieht auf den ersten Blick nicht übel aus. Auch technisch gibt's wenig zu mäkeln. Grafik und Sound sind für den Atari ST recht anständig. Nur leider fehlt der Mischung aus Hüpfen, Steuern und Sammeln der rechte Biß. Was man sich an Spielelementen von "Quedex", "Puffys Saga" und "Rock'n Roll" "geborgt" hat, ist zu lau – außerdem sind die Levels nicht groß.